3. MAGIC, WITCHCRAFT and other creative powers

I have been told I am magic woman or better yet a witch, but it is not true, at least I do not have more magic or witchcraft than others, because it may well be said that we all have magic and witchcraft, we just do not know it.
It would perhaps be more accurate to say that we have control over our own lives and we use words to shape it.  This applies to all of us.
I am of course talking about adult people.

Sometimes we get enough of it all.  There is no need to try to define what this all is, we could never define it, but still we sometimes get enough of it all.  I know it because that is how I am, and when it happens, I announce, loud and clear, that now it is enough and now it stops, here and now. That is what you do too, maybe not in these words, but something like that, it is enough and now it must stop.

And then everything stops, time passes, and we wait, and everything stands still, and nothing happens, and we do not understand anything about anything.  No matter what we do, what we try, no matter what we think, everything is just stuck, stagnated, and will not move.  And we have no idea that it is we who control this stop.  It was our wish, our command, for us, and of course everything stopped.
But we do not know so instead of releasing this stagnation, we say a prayer to some irrational almighty, which we think is somewhere out there, and above us, and which we believe can fix everything for us, and still nothing happens.
Of course, nothing happens; it cannot happen while we do not know this is all in our hands and
not others.  We have authority over our lives.  We are our own creators.

Some people find out for themselves what it takes to release the stagnation, say the right words, in the right way, and life goes on.  But others remain unchanged for a long time, at least for a little while and maybe longer, and do not understand anything about anything.  And still others dare not change anything because they do not know whether it is safe to change it.  I know this because so am I, and as I am so are you too.

We all know people; all kinds of people who sit and groan under the burden of life, they feel life has betrayed them and given them nothing.  They have nothing, are broke, everything is so difficult, everything is so wrong and not in their favor.  And they seem to have no idea that all the moaning, again and again, are their wishes, for themselves.  We are so poor is a statement of what we are and not ambiguous speculation.
We also know people who are convinced of their own luck and fortune and everything seems to go in their favor.  That does not mean that they do not receive anything negative and difficult, but they do not dwell on it, but use it as a lesson in something or let it just pass and disappear.  We are so lucky is also statement and not speculation.
And it is the role of the brain to follow our orders about what we are.  So there is no reason to be surprised when it comes true.

The words that we speak, out loud and silently, are commands to the brain, if we are always talking about how broke we are the brain will fulfill our wish and then we see only all opportunities to spend what we have and nothing that can help us to survive and even acquire something.  When the words become visible in the external world, it should not come as a surprise to us, it was after all our wish for ourselves.  That is how it works.

You see, when we ask for a stop, then we get a stop, and it will be so until we decide to end it.
If I remember correctly, there once was a man who said something like this, “when you wish for something, go into your house, close the door and say your wish, and see it is already.”

“Be careful what you wish for” are good and valid words and indeed it is best to be aware, because our wishes do come true, so it is better to be very clear and precise on what it is we want and wish for, because that is exactly what we get, or rather what we create for ourselves.  Because there is no one out there to make our wishes come true, we create them ourselves as we live.

So what is it, we want in our lives?  Things do not just happen out of the blue, there is nothing out there that brings us what we want or need, life does not send us what we desire, we must do it ourselves and we do it ourselves and we do it with words.

We have made life into some kind of an almighty who gives and takes, some kind of wonder-disaster creature, which we can pray to, invoke and worship, and who requires obedience and admiration and punishes with all kinds of disasters.  And we give this being all the blame for all of our misfortune and all the thanks for the good things that come our way.
Around all of this we have created all kinds of customs and traditions, a system to follow and practice, to sell and buy, and so we have moved the responsibility from ourselves and into the hands of imagination, a kind of invisible, wonder-disaster, god-being.

We should all realize that this is not so, there is nothing out there, we are all there is, we are life and each one of us creates his own live, or existence, from beginning to end, exactly at this moment, here and now, and nothing and nobody else.
So all the good that we have, is our creation, just as all the evil, is our creation.  This is all thanks to us and our fault.

If we do not like it then we have to change it and make of it what we most wish it to be, and if we are happy with it then we have to maintain it that way, never others, visible or invisible.

I am not saying there is no problem to get out of this cycle of complaints and disappointment, because it would not be true.
It is very easy to get stuck in repetitive whining about poor conditions and very difficult to get rid of it again.
But it can be done, and it does not require training and systems to do it, the only thing needed is to know and understand the situation and then stop whining.
That does not mean that everything will be good right away, but it is a start and the beginning of something better.

It is therefore better to speak cautiously, and choose the words carefully before we speak.  Because what we say is what we are, and what we are is not always and necessarily what we wanted for ourselves, but it is quite certain that no one can change it other than us.

It would be better still to say nothing and dare to be it, the same nothing that contains everything.  That is peace and then we are peace.  That is just the way it is.