If I remember right, there once was a man that said something like this, ‘truly I say to you, to the extent that you did it to one of these brothers of mine, even the least of them, you did it to me.”
And thus it is, each and every time we face another human being and judge him, hurt him, dislike him or something specific in his being, it is a rejection.  And what we are really rejecting is our creator, as well as ourselves.  Because truth is life and life is us.

Life, the spirit, or what we call it manifests itself as us and not only as part of us, within, but as us, fully and all through.  We are the manifestation of life.  The creator is the creation and it will never be apart.

Life appears to us as this human being that we reject and thus we reject life.  No matter what we think, hope, or want, life is we all, not just those we admire, but also those which we despise.
It is obvious that if life is one then it is another and they then one and the same.  Thus, we reject also ourselves, and in fact all human beings, because our neighbor is us.

But like we reject our creator, our fellow beings, and ourselves, we can embrace our creator, fellow beings and ourselves.
We must understand that there is no difference between us.  We are in fact all one and the same.
All we have to do is to let go of our opinions about like and dislike, our opinions about everything, no matter what.  We have to peel away all our knowledge, until there is nothing left.
Then there is truth, which is life and we all, the creator of everyone and all.