28. OPINIONS are our weakness

Most of us, if not we all, are searching for something to give us some sort of satisfaction and security.  We give it various names and use different methods to obtain it, but first and foremost should it bring us pleasure and security.  That something is peace.

Sometimes we feel it, unexpectedly and without doing anything for it to happen.  When we walk out into calm weather there is tranquility within and around us, and it does not matter whether it is warm or cold outside. It is neither good nor bad, only tranquility.  Peace. It will not be good or bad until we do something with it, judge the situation, “too late for work, frustrating, no work today, good, etc.” The environment cannot disturb this peace.  It is not until we start rushing around it disappears. We can find this tranquility in many places, in the mountains and the lowlands.  But there is nothing we can do to make it happen.  It just is.  And it is actually always there, everywhere.  We just see it and feel it not, for as our rushing around drives it away, we cannot see or feel it in our everyday actions and reactions.

Everything is like calm and clear water, and the magic of it stays like that until we throw stones into the water, causing ripples to form, which continue long after we are gone. The stones we use are our opinions about everything.  We give these opinions various names, judgments, beliefs, ideas, evaluations, attitudes, etc. but they themselves are not different from each other, only their names, they are in fact all the same.  They are our opinions.

Opinions are a measure of our weakness.  Because why should we have opinions on all kinds of things, that are irrelevant to us, if not for fear.  And fear is weakness.  We fear it to be nothing and hope that it to have an opinion changes us into something, and then we are no longer nothing.  It is confusing, is it not? We do not need to have an opinion on what relates to us, we only have to be it and do it, there is no need for opinion from our part. To have an opinion is weakness and it does not matter what the opinion is or what we focus it on.  Opinions truly confuse and disturb our minds and our ability to perform our daily tasks.  The opinions are, in themselves, hindrance.

If we imagine all of our opinions together in one spot, in a pot or similar, then when we look into the pot, we can see political and religious opinions, opinions about childcare, death, teaching and all kinds of other things, your opinion and my opinion, in chaos and everlasting conflict with each other. If we now say, “this is not good enough, this has to change” then we add another opinion to the pot. It does not matter what we do, it is always another opinion.  And if there is something that the world does not need, it is more opinions.

The only thing that can stop the flow into the pot is doing nothing.  And it seems to be beyond us, if not impossible for us to do. We seem not to realize, that we do not have to agree or disagree with everything, whether we think it right or wrong, we need not have an opinion on it. To agree is an opinion, to condemn is also an opinion, to do nothing is neither.  And that seems to be too much for us.

We know what happens if we do nothing.  We must know, because everything that relates to us is stored in our memory, our brain.  And we are the memory and the brain. Somewhere in us there is something that knows that when we do nothing then that is what we are, and we dare not be nothing.  We dare not be invisible.  Perhaps we do not know how.  So rather than nothing, we do something, no matter what. ‘I think and I want’ is incredibly dominant in our lives, it is always active making all kinds of troubles for us. But being invisible is peace.  It is true, invisible is peace.

The more opinions we have the more important we believe ourselves to be.  Our importance stands and falls by our opinions.  This is a fact that we need to understand. We look at the world around us, starvation, wars, pollution, poverty and other disasters and we judge, terrible, tragic, and devastating, or whatever we want to call it, each according to his ideas.  And then we start some kind of rescue operations with cash collecting and other similar and thus we try to change the world from what it is, to what we think it should be. And thus we try to create for us importance, with all kinds of ideas and opinions about all this mess.  But our rescue plan, to change what is to what should be, will only maintain the status quo. For what was and will be?  And why?

There is no such thing as terrible, devastating and so on.  Not really.  These are mere names that we give a specific situation.  Everything just is as it is.  And it is so because this is how we are.  That is all.

What lives within us is the same we send from us, out to the world.  So if the world around us is disagreement and conflict, it is because so are we. It does not help to look at our surroundings, the outside world, and judge and try to change from one to another. The only way to improve the world is to look at ourselves.  When we feel peace around us, it came from within us.  It is there all the time and could be dominant if we only dare to let go of our importance, opinions, everything.

Truth is not our personal opinion.  We are in fact only manifestations of life, like the trees and the birds, like everything.  No one is better or worse than another. Human beings are not more important in the creation than anything else.  We are not the crown of creation, as we seem to believe. We have created this imaginary importance to hide our fear of being nothing.  Because deep down we know, it is exactly what we are.  Nothing.

Truth is life and life is we.  The creator is the creation.  It cannot be separated.  It does not matter what we think of it.  We can therefore let go of all our opinions, here and now.