That is life

THAT IS LIFE - Colorful plansWe walk our path surrounded by countless ideas,
diverse expectations and colorful plans.

THAT IS LIFE - We payLife is what happens to us while we are busy making other plans.
And we take the consequences. We pay.

WHAT IS LIFE - Mentally illWe do not start with the intention to be mentally ill.

THAT IS LIFE - Behind barsIt is not the intention of anyone to end up behind bars.

THAT IS LIFE - Drug atticIt is not the intention of anyone to become a drug user.

THAT IS LIFE - The endIt may well be that we want to be old,
but we do not intend to end his life
in retirement homes, with diapers.


But life is what happens to us while we’re busy making other plans. Therefore, the world is full of mentally ill people, people in prisons, drug addicts on the streets, and homes for the elderly filled with people that never intended to end their life there.

THATS LIFE is a name of a project I did and made into an exhibition.  The whole work is 6 photos which all tell a story along with a text belonging to each photo I cannot claim I am the author of this work since each photo represents so many people and each text tell the story of so many. But I will take responsibility for how it’s presented.

The beginning of it all was a long and complex process over a long period of time. It came to me through dreams, with people that came and told me their stories, they wanted me to tell them to others, to do something with them. The stories lived on in my head, in wake as well as in dreams; they wanted to get their own acceptance, existence, their own life. At last I answered the call, wrote them down, thought and pondered on how to work this, and at last I decided to use both photos and words to present them to the world. I started by writing each story, took photos, worked on the photos, I wanted to do this well, let the stories have impact on the reader and the picture call for respond, feelings from those looking, I wanted to create strong reactions in words and pictures.

I gave the process the working name  Darling boy (Beautiful boy), which is a name of a song by John Lennon, in it I found this wonderful words, Life is just what happens to you, While your busy making other plans. That is exactly how life is, exactly what happened to those people who came to me in my dreams, what happens to us all in one form or another.

I did not work this from a-z, rather from one to another and back, improved it some here and there, and like that I walked through this process.  At last I finished the work and sent out to the world.

The program was to sound something like this:

We walk our path surrounded by uncountable ideas, all kinds of expectations and colorful plans (photo 1). But life is just what happens to you, While your busy making other plans. And we take the consequences.  We have to pay (photo 2).  We do not start life expecting to be mentally ill (photo 3).  It is nobody’s intention to end up behind bars (photo 4).  We do not want to become drug addicts (photo 5).  Maybe we all want to be old, but we do not intend to end our lives in with diaper, in a home for elderly people (photo 6). But life, hat is us, goes its own way, in its own path, and takes no notice of our plans. That is why the world is filled with mentally ill people, people behind bars, addicts living on the streets, and homes for elderly people that never intended to live there.


But somewhere on the way I lost my job, it was not all bad, for now I had more time for this work of mine, but with the job I lost my income so there was hardly enough to pay for printing and framing of large photos nor the rent for an exhibition hall. It was like many different forces had gathered to stop my plans.  And then I had to think it all over again.

But I will not so easily stopped, so I changed my plans and decided to put it on display in my website.  So enoy the show!