We have often heard these words “the truth makes you free” from various books and films, and in talks and speeches of honored people, men and women.  We have even spoken them ourselves.
They are in themselves quite right, the only question is, what are we expressing, what do we mean by these words and how do we approach the truth?

It is right, the truth makes us free and we approach it through self-knowledge.  Not self-discipline or exercises, training, through books and all kinds of systems.

Truth is life, and life us.  To know truth is to know one self.
To know ourselves we have to put aside all our knowledge, ideas and beliefs we have collected for us.  We have to leave everything, and not gather additional knowledge to the one we already have.
If we are to see the truth and know ourselves as we are, then we must not assume something that we think we know, believe is and will become. We cannot believe what we are not.

When we peal of all our knowledge, all we have gathered through experiences, from various events, as well as reading books, including these words, then and only then can we face reality.
Reality is the truth and truth the reality and life and each of us.  That is our true identity.  Life.  Nothing else

At that moment there is absolute and everlasting freedom from all our ideas. Because then we know what they are, how they create conflict within us and in our relations with other people and everything else.  And when we see their reality they lose control over our lives.
From that moment we are not only in peace but peace itself.  That is all.