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Many, if not all, of our ideas about good and evil have human forms.  Gods are men, also the devil and his demons, goddesses are women like the name suggests, mother of God and other holy women.
Why we create these ideas as mortal men I do not know, probably we find it difficult to think of life in a form other than human.
But whether these ideas have human form, or are an invisible energy, or something else, they are always in our minds and frequently to harm.

Many people believe that those who have not received Christian baptism or belong to some particular religion or sect, create their own hell after death.  Few things are more evil than that to believe such, especially when small children are involved.
When I was very young I heard a pastor say this to a grieving mother and I became very angry, I felt the priest was the devil in flesh, for saying such things about innocent children.  But of course my anger was only fear of his words, I knew that this was widely preached and feared it.  And that is exactly what the devil is; fear.

The devil is a part of most religions and is, according to the Bible, ruler of hell and the main enemy of God, and so it has been for centuries.
He has always had many and various names, in different countries around the world, such as Devil, Satan and Lucifer and maybe more, in English-speaking countries, and in Iceland he has among others, the names andskoti, djöfull, kölski, fjandi, satan skratti, og lúsifer, all of which are defined as the devil and enemy.  All these different names are also supposed to define him as a person as well as the different aspects of his character.
It is fitting since they alone are our enemies that threaten the importance of the me in some way.  Thus threaten our opponents in sports, at work or elsewhere, our position for the first place, best, and earning opportunities.  Our enemies in wars threaten our lives and assets.

But no matter what our ideas and definitions are about this being, the reality remains that we all are life.  That is our reality, we are the truth and the life, both human beings and beasts, from the largest to the smallest, and not only life, but we are all the same life.  Because we cannot divide life into small pieces, and place them here and there, life cannot be separated.
We are in fact all one and the same.  So we should be able to let go of this fear, because since life is all of us, all of the earth species, all animals and plants, everything, there is nothing to fear, other than ourselves in other forms and why should we fear it.

Certainly there are many creatures meaner than others and many pure evil and dangerous to others, can even cause the death of another, but it does not change the fact that we are all one and the same life and as such there is nothing to fear, not even death.

If we lay down our importance, here and now, everything that we have collected ourselves on our walk through life, ideas and that we call reality, and thus die the me, then nothing will threaten us.  For then there is nothing to threaten and then the devil disappears.

He who is and has nothing, no ideas, beliefs and other, has nothing to lose, neither material things nor spiritual.  So he has nothing to fear.  And he who has nothing to fear is at peace with himself and others.  Everything.  He is peace and as such has no opponents and enemies.  Nothing.  It is not more complicated than that.