7. PROBLEMS, cause and solution

Before I wrote this chapter and while it was still forming in my mind, I wondered if I should eliminate some issues from the discussion, such as illness and wars.  These are serious matters that should be treated as such.

Illness can be a very difficult situation that people, of all ages, have to deal with.  It is not like we want to be sick.  It may well be that we sometimes contribute to it by unhealthy lifestyle, but we do not want to be sick or have other health problems, still we have all kinds of health problems.  And then I remembered that I was born with feet that needed care and resources, so I would be able to walk later on in life, and though I was too young to make it into a problem, my parents probable did.  So no matter what the situation is, we have to deal with it, live with it, and solve all problems that it entails, so I decided illness should be included.

Then there was the question of wars.  Wars are something else I thought, and absolutely not something that people ask for, wars are born out of evil and greed.  Many nations produce weapons to kill, weapons to sell, weapons to produce wealth, so the producers need wars in which they can use the weapons, so they can produce more weapons, more wars and more money.  And sometimes the leaders of nations just want the resources of other nations, oil, metals and other, and then they invade the country, kill the people and steal their natural resources.  But then I remembered that behind all this are people, maybe evil people, but still people, and this can only be stopped by people.  And even though wars create horrible situations and terrible grief, they are still created by us and we are the ones who have to deal with it, live with it, die for it and solve it, so it should be a part of the discussion.

I am in no way suggesting that illness and wars are equal to our everyday little problems, they are far more serious than that.  But no matter the nature of our problems or how different they are at size and difficulty, the solution to them all is to be found in just one place, ourselves.

Even though I will not exclude illness and wars from the discussion I do not want to have it as the main topic.  My intention was to talk about our petty little problems due to the me, which creates most of our problems.

The world is full of problems and no matter what we do, and how we try, we seem unable to do anything about it.  We have neither been able to decrease our problems nor get rid of them completely.  They just keep multiplying, so now we are all drowning in problems.
It is almost as they have a life of their own.  But they do not.  Do they?

All the problems in the world are our creation and they are in perfect harmony with us.  They are us.  This is how we are, this is what we are, problems.  Endless problems.
But because we have created them then we can also solve them.  All of them.  It is only a question whether we want to rid ourselves of all our problems.  Sometimes it seems that we do not want to solve all our problems, and maybe we want to hold on to some of them, use them in some way for our own benefit, to create importance for ourselves.

As adults we decide how we handle what happens.  We do not have to be satisfied or unhappy with the situation.  We do not have to feel anything about it.  Things are just as they are.  And we need not make it into a problem.

Problem, no matter what the problem, is not the same in all minds, because each one creates his own image of it.  For a problem to be real it must be self-sufficient and be the same for everyone. Seeing the problem is to create no image of it.  If we create an image of the problem then it is the image we see and not the problem.  We can safely skip all the views we have; they are just as many and varied as we ourselves are. Just think about a war, any war, there are thousands of ideas about wars and their consequences, but it changes nothing about the problems people face in war zones, and all the ideas do not help them in any way.  The only thing that might help is if people stopped the fighting and laid down their arms.

When there is no opinion, no personal evaluation, based on something else, then there is nothing.  And what is more, it never was.  Incident is only an incident, that is all, and when we face it then we can act and solve it. I know this sounds easy, and I know how terrible surroundings some people have, because of illness, or war and other.  But it is still an incident that is happening to people, an incident people have to deal with and live with.  Having all kinds of opinions of it, and thus trying to make it into something else, does not help.  The only way is to face it without any predetermined idea. Can you imagine warring nations lay down their ideas about the necessity of what they are doing and truly and honestly face up to what is actually going on?

This applies to all our problems, also the little petty ones.  The only reality of our little problems is our evaluation of them.  This, we call me looks at some event and starts immediately to create an image of it.  When we are in real danger we will try to find an escape to save ourselves and think of nothing else but that.  But if there is no immediate danger then the me will search for something in the situation, which it can use to increase its own excellence and importance and before we know it, we have a major problem.
We think, this will have to change, and we compare the situation to something that was, and something we want it to be.
But what was is only limited memory, and nothing to build on, and what should be does not exist, so we know nothing about it.
Instead of stopping between what was and will be and look at what is, reality as it is, we fight an imaginary problem, until we are able to change our ideas about it, or maybe only the name of it.
And the only thing that happened was that we change one image to another.  Thus we continue forever trapped in a circle, never solving anything.

The cause of all this, are all the images we have of ourselves and everything else.
We are born into this world not knowing what we are and what is worse, those who went before us knew not either.
We own various experiences.  We are taught we are this and that, kind, nice, naughty, obedient, good, etc.  We are scared, hurt, angry or happy, and because of all this we learn gradually to create images of ourselves and everything else, in the belief it will protect us in some way.  Yet we continue to be scared, angry, hurt and happy.
When we get older and wiser, we discover this is not how and what we are and then instead of trying to find our true selves behind all the images, we create new images of ourselves and thus we retain the status quo.

Good, evil, smart, stupid, mother, brother, carpenter, minister, rich or poor, these are all images that we already have decided how should be. When we are in one of those roles, we just do it, without any idea about it.  We do what is needed, when needed, and if we make mistakes, which can only be compared to something else then we just make mistakes.  We do not have to worry about it and make it into a problem.  If it can be corrected we can correct it and if it cannot be corrected, we let it be. We just are who we are at any given time.  Good or bad does not matter.  It just is.

To know for sure what we are, we have to look behind all thoughts.  We are there.  That no one can do for us.  And even though someone would tell us, we would not hear it. We would listen to the image we have of each other, talk to the image we have of ourselves, and we would be so busy thinking about what the other image was saying to our that we would hear nothing.

Life is a flow, things come our way and go again.  We start as children and then we change, grow, and all of a sudden we are adults, our parents are with us, part of the way, and then suddenly they are gone, dead, we have children of our own, they grow, change and leave, we get sick, and we get well again.  Life is a constant flow that carries all kinds of things with it and then they disappear again.  We cannot catch it, hold on to it, make something out of it, not really, this we cats and use to make us important, or something, is just an idea, our idea of what flows our way.
However, sometimes life leaves something behind, the illness is gone but we may have to deal with the consequences.  But we do not have to make it into something it is not, god or bad.  It just is what it is.
I know we are not always happy with what life brings us, but still it does bring us all kinds of things, and being unhappy about it changes nothing, so we might as well accept it, do our best and hope it flows away again soon.  We should at least never try to make it into a problem; it just makes the situation worse and solves nothing.

Now we know why the world is in this state, this mess, this is how we are and while we do not want to do anything to improve it, so it will remain. This is the world we deliver to our children and our grandchildren.  This is the world we will live and work in and we have no reason to complain about it, because this is our creation, our problems, which no one can solve but us. So if we want a better world for us all, peace and prosperity, then we have to create it ourselves.