Kreppa 3

Name: “Crisis”
Size: 60. cm high, 5 kg
Material: root, Rocl and steel
Artist: Inga Helgadóttir
Location: Privet owner
Date: June 2012

This is Crisis (Kreppa), small and strange being, created by humans, for humans to blame for the bad state they have created around their existence.

The people created her from the roots of the trees and filled here with their spirit of life.
The stone which the sculpture stands on is a combination of natural variant of glass, formed in eruption (hrafntinna), ash, lava and rocks, a very hard material.
Between the rock and the sculpture is a steel pin that lifts it up from the stone and gives it dignity.

Kreppa 6

Crisis does not know why see exists, but sometimes she is sad to hear of all the things for which she gets the blame for.
There cannot be fairness and justice for all, because of Crisis, she hears the politicians say.  The public must pay for all the mess, the upper class has barely enough for themselves, because of Crisis, they say.  We are in deep shit, cannot do much, because of Crisis, she hears people whisper in corners.  Everything is going to hell because of Crisis, they shout on the streets.

Kreppa 1

She does not quite understand this, since she does not know what she has done, but she is sure she is innocent of all the wrong doing in the world and all the stupidity the politicians and other people have created.  But she knows they give her the blame for it all.

Kreppa 2