0-ihMy name is Inga Hjörnýjar Helgadóttir Marel, I  was born in Reykjavik, Iceland in the year 1947, the third daughter of my parents and the fifth child of seven. I am married with four children, two girls and two boys, and five creative and  wonderful grandchildren. I do not think they come any more ordinary than me. At that time, stay at  home  mom with four children, trying to fulfill my artistic need by drawing, painting and photographing. I had not started writing at that time that came later, after it all started, while it was all happening.

It happened in 1985 when I started having dreams about people visiting me and  taking me to places I had never seen before, teaching me all kinds of things I had no knowledge or understanding of. I did not like it, I did not want it in my life, still it was there, and I could not do anything about it, I was totally on their mercy. I was often scared, sometimes horrified or surprised, happy and sometimes at peace. But mostly I was like a four-year old child, standing in front of something I knew nothing about, acting like a child, gasping of wonder and delight or  filled with fear holding fast on to my accompanied.

There were five of them, four men and one woman; they all had their own color around them and they taught me all kinds of things about my own body, worldly love, how to handle my fear, all about the aura and such, and last but not least the truth and life. This went on for months, at the end I lived the change within me and my world was changed, after that I started writing down how everything appeared to me and from that came my book, “What am I?” and later “The moment”.

Yes, it is still going on, but now I am not led by others but participate.

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