12. The moment is one

12-the moment is one

We use the word ‘moment’ frequently, at every opportunity, without considering what it actually means.
In dictionaries, Icelandic and English, the word is defined as a short time, bit, instant, and no time, some Icelandic dictionaries give additionally the definition of one breath, to take a breath, indicating that the moment is only one breath.

If we look at the word itself, ‘moment’, with no interpretation in mind then we see it stands alone and does not offer any movement, it does not describe actions, to do something. It is not one breath that takes only a short moment, in a tiny moment, in a tiny now. It is not waiting, and not to come, it is in no way related to our daily activities, not even breathing, because waiting, happening and breathing include time and the moment is not time. The moment is. There is nothing more there but it alone, everything else is emptiness. No-thing.

We say it is now that we are, at this one breath of a moment, in this one moment that ever has been. That is all we know, we are here and now. Thus are our ideas of all created things just ideas, illusions, ever-changing, right today and wrong tomorrow, all of which does not exist for real and cannot be justified as such, not as reality. Religion and worship, schools and education, crimes and punishment, all this is based on stories and people from near and far distance and expectations for possible future.
Who can truly say that he knows what was and will be? None. It is a fact that no one knows. What was and will be cannot be compatible with the moment. The moment is now, not yesterday and not tomorrow.

We are constantly trying to define the moment, as indeed everything else in our minds, because that is where the universe is, in our minds, in one moment. Everything happens at this moment, in the moment, which is in fact emptiness, no-thing, and at the same time everything. Everything as nothing and nothing as everything has never been and will never be, it is, for eternity.

Everything originates in this one moment, it could not be different, because the moment is one, not multiple or series of moments, not a little here and a little there, one by one, but all simultaneously, here and now. Complete.

It is not the way we see it, but only so we say it to be, we say the moment is the only reality, because the past is gone and it no longer exists, and the future is yet to come and it does not exist, except as an idea or expectation, we also say that the truth is life and we are the truth and the life and we conclude by saying that all this is the same moment. But these are only words in our minds, which we find very difficult to understand and see as reality.

We find it difficult to understand and accept the moment as nothing and everything, for eternity, and see it without a past and future. We were after all once children and are now adults, and we have survived various things and have plenty to come, at least death.

Many people resort to the idea of creating a series of moments, now, at this time, this moment, we are reading a book and it is the only reality, then we lay the book from us, the act disappears and no longer exists, then we go out and it is the only reality. One moment and then another moment and then endless series of moments.

We find it very difficult to let go of all the ideas and experience the moment, really see it, without all.
The moment is not a series of events, a series of moments, but implies that we have never been and will never be, equivalent to we are, which again means that everything that belongs to us is here and now, not earlier and later, but here and now at this moment it all is. We are.

We are in fact being born and dying at the same time, and everything in between, before and after. Everything is in this one moment. We can really know all of our existence, for eternity, if we want to, because it is all in the moment. We are both alive and dead, children and adults, happy and sad, safe and frightened. All of our existence is happening at the same moment. It is the attention that keeps us fixed at one particular age and place and blocks at the same time everything else. We are everything in the moment, here and now. Can we not feel its sacredness and power?

At first glance, it seems the freedom thus is gone, everything happens at this moment so our existence must be pre-determined and thus immutable. We see where we are in the moment, adults, and then all the past has already shaped the rest of our lives.
It would be right if our lives had a beginning and end, and if it were only possible to be in one place in the moment at a time, and not alive in all at the same time. If so, would the moment be restricted to past, future and the ‘me’ and at the same time be very limited. But it is not so.

We are in fact always changing the moment, filling it, alive in all ages in the same moment, for eternity, and not only the individual but the universe.
In the chapter “We want to be gods”, which is the eighth chapter of the book “The Moment”, says among other things:
“Exactly at this moment, while we read these words, there are people around the world doing all sorts of things. People are on the way to work and others on the way home from work. Children are being born and people are dying. The earth rotates around itself traveling through space, like millions of other planets, solar and stars in countless galaxies. This does not happen one by one, but all at the same time. Now, at this moment it is all happening.”

We understand this section because it deals with a lot of people doing all sorts of things and many things happening all around. It is not as easy to turn this picture to ourselves and see ourselves alive in the moment, doing all sorts of things at the same time.
The moment has room for everything, not only our little ‘me’, or others little ‘me’, but all at the same time, also the freedom to change anywhere in the moment, no matter what we call it. It is no more complicated than that.

The truth is life and life is all there is, it is us, and all that we do, think and feel at the same moment, in the moment. Therefore, are ‘once was’ and ‘perhaps will be’ only illusions.
Life can neither be alive nor dead. Life is. We are. Differentiation is not an option. Everything that comes after the word ‘are’ is an illusion. Nothing else.

At the exact breath of a moment we see this and stand aware in the moment, all is complete. All these small items we have been dealing with, unite in one, “and behold, it was very good.” See more, Genesis 1:31.
It is an incredible moment and at the same time simple and correct. The moment is the only reality, that is all there is. Nothing else.

IH, 1991

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