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“In the beginning was the word”

“In the beginning was the word” is the firs chapter of the book “In the beginning was the word” which is still in process.
As the title of the chapter indicates it is about the power of the words as a the creating force we use to create the world we live in. Read more >>

Words warm, words bite, and thus we create the world

The last berryWe use words to please and hurt each other.  We are the masters when it comes to words, we know their power and creativity, we know them, we know what bites and what warms, we know where and when to use them and we apply them liberally, to improve, help, please and stimulate, to destroy, damage, injure and kill, always in favor of ourselves, for our glory. The words that please and hurt are not necessarily on either end of a stick or opposites, we can use both positive and negative words to hurt and damage as well as to please, it is called mock and sarcasm, we use it often.

This is the topic in chapter 2 in the book “In the beginning was the word”

Words are not reality

wordsIt is true, words are not reality or that which we or others are talking about, they are just a description of it, the words “beautiful sunset” gives you an image in your head, not a sunset. When we have spoken the words we have to let go of our own and others interpretation of them and see the true meaning behind them.

It is really possible to feel the energy behind the written words, whether they are honest, angry, pleasant and so on, you have often done it, you may not be aware of it but we all have felt the energy of written words. It is just like the spoken word, when our friends say, I am fine, everything is good and we can feel it is not true, the energy is hollow, not true and we do not have to see the speaker’s mouth when he is yelling at us, it is enough to hear the words, the tone, the force, created by energy, the same energy we put into written words. Continue reading