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Sometimes it’s good to see life in a new light, one way is to put it upside down, it will change many things.

Old memories

My husband once wrote a poem, which I thought was very beautiful, so I decided to make a video to it and got my grandson to compose og play music to it, for me.

The first two verses are as follows:

You walk your street,
old memories arise,
dreames of glory,
at dawn.

Fallen, but glad for the freedom,
finding in a new day,
nothing is as before,
the walk has come to an end.


Then comes more, which I am not going to translate now.  Maybe later.

Catch the goose while you can

I took a course in short film making, it was great fun, something I had never tried before.
When the course ended, I had dozens of ideas for short films, i started við microfilm I gave the title, Catch the goose while you can.

Of course the goose in the film was not hurt.

Have fun!

If you want to see the short film that we, the students, made at the course you can find it hereSee more>

Discipline is stupefying

protestDiscipline is much valued in human society.  We say it is important to be disciplined; that youth needs discipline as all people of all countries, even ourselves.  And then we beat our chests, like gorillas, and are very pleased with ourselves and all the discipline. Why?  Why do we believe that discipline is necessary? Can we truly say that discipline is necessary and beneficial, or is it perhaps sometimes harmful and hurtful for all of us, both the person who is being disciplined and society as a whole? Discipline is often accompanied by punishment, which in turn leads to unwanted side effects, such as dislike of those who penalize and the circumstances in which penalty is imposed.

This is the topic in chapter 5 in the book “The moment” – continue reading>

Solitude is scary

loðvíðir 2It is scary to stand alone, to have no one to support us, to encourage and help when needed.
But if we truly desire to discover the truth, then we must dare to stand alone and unsupported, without all, no matter what happens, no matter how scary it is.
It is okay and quite safe to stand alone, because when everything is examined, then we can see that it is exactly what we are, all alone in the world, no one can come into our world and we cannot go anywhere, so we are alone and unsupported, and even though someone tries to encourage us, it is ultimately always we ourselves that have to do what is needed, take a decision and carry it out, and not others.

This is the topic in chapter 5 in the book “The moment” – continue reading>

Magic, witchcraft and other creative powers

loðvíðirI have been told I am magic woman or better yet witch, but it is not true, at least I do not have more magic or witchcraft than others, because it may well be said that we all have magic and witchcraft, we just do not know it.
It would perhaps be more accurate to say that we have control over our own lives and we use words to shape it.  This applies to all of us.
I am of course talking about adult people.

Sometimes we get enough of it all.  There is no need to try to define what this all is, we could never define it, but still we sometimes get enough of it all.  I know it because that is how I am, and when it happens, I announce, loud and clear, that now it is enough and now it stops, here and now. That is what you do too, maybe not in these words, but something like that, it is enough and now it must stop.

This is the topic in chapter 3 in the book “In the beginning was the word” – continue reading>

Words warm, words bite, and thus we create the world

The last berryWe use words to please and hurt each other.  We are the masters when it comes to words, we know their power and creativity, we know them, we know what bites and what warms, we know where and when to use them and we apply them liberally, to improve, help, please and stimulate, to destroy, damage, injure and kill, always in favor of ourselves, for our glory. The words that please and hurt are not necessarily on either end of a stick or opposites, we can use both positive and negative words to hurt and damage as well as to please, it is called mock and sarcasm, we use it often.

This is the topic in chapter 2 in the book “In the beginning was the word”