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“In the beginning was the word”

“In the beginning was the word” is the firs chapter of the book “In the beginning was the word” which is still in process.
As the title of the chapter indicates it is about the power of the words as a the creating force we use to create the world we live in. Read more >>


... tolerance ...
… tolerance …

We are so funny, the humans, with all our ideas and importance, and everything else we can think of to do, and argue about.
We come together, discuss issues, argue and fight for our own ideas against others.  But in the end we realize that this was all just a crap, and then we turn our attention to the next idea, the next debate, and the next conference on the issue.  And thus we repeat this again and again, sometimes with a new topic, and sometimes we repeat what was previously discussed.
So we are, we never see beyond our nose.

Excerpt from 27 chapter in the book “The moment is the only reality” read the entire chapter. >

Peace and prayers

BushWhat causes wars?  We know it well.  Do we not?  We might not want to know it, but that does not change the fact, we still know.

We know what causes happiness is the same as what causes hatred. We also know what the solution is, and where it is to be found. But we just do not want to have it that way and at that means we do not want to solve the problem of war.

Why do we not want peace in the world?  Why do we choose wars when peace is available?
This is the topic of chapter 9 in “What am I?”