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To become and to be

... seed ...

… seed …

It is important to become something, it is taught us immediately after birth.  And since we do not know better we accept it and we all want to become something.  When we are small we are going to become big and most remarkable, at least important, and really, it is s all we are going to become, all our lives.

The reason, that we want to become something, is of course that we had never and are not.  We lacked not the will and desire and all the rest, we were told that we needed to become something remarkable.  They just forgot to tell us that it was not possible, or maybe they never knew, the significance was only an illusion, like a game, some of whom have committed to appear something other than they are.

And although we have realized it somewhere along the way then it never got any further, most people just forgot that it was an illusion and continued to try and played the game to the end.

Excerpt from 39 chapter in the book “The moment is the only reality” read the entire chapter. >

Why is it not enough to be

TrusI sit by the window.  There are birds in almost every branch of the trees, they are eating insects.  They are so lightweight that the tips of the branches barely move when they sit on them.  This is truly a worm feast.
A small bird is hopping on the lawn and picking up earthworms.  It is admirable to see how smart it is catching the worms.  The bird is very picky.  It picks up the worms, one after another, without eating them.  Maybe it is looking for the perfect size to feed its young ones.  When the bird finds a worm it likes it flies away with it, in its mouth.
The trees stand in the garden as they have done for the past forty years.
I can feel, even see, the stillness behind the restlessness of the world.  And I wonder this endless need for importance.  This struggle is an obstacle to the peace we all seek for.  Yet we do not let go of the ideas, the illusions; no matter what.

This is the topic in chapter 33 in the book “What am I?”