Regular prayer meetings are held against wars, throughout the planet.  People gather in groups, in churches and prayer houses, to pray for peace.  They call into the void for help, for something to stop these tragedies.
Why do we believe praying solves wars?  We know what causes wars.  We know that we are all responsible for the horrors of this world.  It may well be that we do not want it to be that way; do not want to recognize our own responsibility.  But it is still that way.
No matter how we try to hide it.  We are the creators of the world we live in and no one else.
Prayers will not help us, only actions, behaviors and attitudes.
Believe me, anyone who prays for peace is maintaining status quo.  For whom is he praying to?  Why do we not stop looking outside ourselves and turn instead to what causes all this disagreement, grief and sorrow, ourselves?

I know it is easy to say this and it sounds simple, but it is still true; once we have rid ourselves of the ‘me’ there will be peace.  Because what causes hatred is the same as what causes happiness.  Peace is not there between.  To be midway between hatred and happiness, we need to maintain both, evil and good, and that is not what we want.
The only way to peace is to get rid of both, happiness and hatred.
When we do stop being good, then we will stop being evil.  It is quite obvious.  The one can only thrive in comparison to the other.

We have given that which causes all our problems the name ‘me’, “I am good, I pray for peace, because I do not want war” constantly this I or ‘me’.

Happiness and hatred are really one and the same; they are a result, and the cause is the ‘me’.  Something happens and I become happy.  Similarly, something else happens and I feel hatred.  But for that, I need the ‘me’.
The only realistic way to peace, whether within ourselves or between us and others, is to see what the ‘me’ really is and thus free us from its power over us.

The ‘me’ is a memory, an image created by us, built up from experiences and reading books.  That is all.

It is clear that when the ‘me’ disappears, then will all need for faith, nationalism and other differentiation also disappear.
What are my faith and your faith other than separation?  What are my nationality and your nationality other than differentiation?

The world belongs to all of us.  Everything in it belongs to us all, and then I am referring to what the world holds not what the world is.
We can change our world.  Not one everything.  But everyone has authority to improve the part of the world that is he.  And the only way to do that is to free oneself from the power of the ‘me’.

Although only one individual is willing to do what is needed to free himself from the ‘me’ then at least that part of the world will be peace.
To pray and fight for peace is in itself a war.  And it does not matter how small, in our opinion, the battle is and what the consequences are.
We will not find peace at prayer meetings or elsewhere, it cannot be found in what we do.  The only way is to be peace.  Not in peace, as we sometimes say, but to be peace itself.
Peace is a state of mind, which does not require any security.  Anyone who requires security lives in fear and fear can never be peace.

If it is peace that we desire, then we have to create it ourselves, for ourselves.  We have to be that peace, inside and outside.  It is the only way.

Now we know what it takes.  So the question remains, it is peace that we desire, or is it maybe just the good old greed, money and fame.  It is a question that each must answer for himself.
But if it is peace we desire, then we have to be it.  That is all.