Three suns in the sky and flaming cross in each sun

Three suns in the sky

I had a dream, three suns in the sky and inside each sun was a flaming cross. I was in a state between sleep and awake so I could watch and think at the same time. The suns were very beautiful, their beams formed a pyramid and up to the pyramid was a golden road. While I watched this wonder, I was thinking I needed to create a picture of this.

I knew I could never achieve what I watched, so I decided to make a symbol of it. The suns were to look like a gear with a cross in the center, and the rays as the teeth of gears, the idea of ​​teeth was that then they could turn one into another.  From the rays there would be lines that formed a pyramid and other lines that formed the road up the pyramid. Actually, I had very simple and geometric shapes in mind.

When I woke up I drew down my dream, I also sought information on dreams like this, all I found were three suns in the sky in a dream was a good sign, some kind of mystical symbols, but then the suns should be above each other, which was not in my case, the suns I saw were side by side.

I thought long and hard about the best way to do this picture, I tried to draw it, then watercolor, but it did not satisfy what I wanted to achieve.  Finally, I drew a picture, had it etched on a plate and created a graphic image.


I was fairly satisfied for a while, but it was still not entirely satisfactory.  It lacked life and power.  In the dream I had thought of the mountain Keilir when I saw the pyramid, so I decided to take a photograph of the mountain and see if it was not possible to combine the photograph and graphic image.

The mountain Keilir

I wanted to get a picture of the mountain with the sun above the central mountain, which then could be cloned into three suns.  In the picture that I took the sky was cloudy and very powerful it felt somewhat cool and actually a sign of the power that I had seen, and the suns were really a symbol of something and not necessary to have real suns in the picture, there was a beautiful glare on the sea and in my mind I saw golden road.


Now it was a question whether one could put these two pictures together, it was not good enough, so I drew a new picture on the computer, thus I could have simple shapes, clean and geometric, cool symbol. Then I put two pictures together and I was pretty satisfied with the outcome. It is nothing like what I saw in the dream represents the perfect symbol of the dream.

Now, so many years later, the picture hangs above my bed, it is the last thing I see when I go to sleep at nights and first thing I see when I wake up in the morning.