1. YOUNG, OLD and everything in between

When a young man looks at 60+ he sees not experience, self- knowledge, wisdom and opportunity, he sees old, and old is obsolete, stupid and useless.
When an old man looks at a young man he sees not fresh ideas, education, skills and opportunities, he sees the young, and youth is inexperienced, stupid and useless.
What is interesting about this is that they are both right, because they are both looking at themselves.  We never see beyond ourselves, and are therefore always looking at ourselves.

The fact of the matter is that we have it all, young, old and everything in between, at the same moment, right now, because we are life itself, the live energy, collection of stupidity and nonsense, knowledge and wisdom, which is everywhere and everything.  We are everything.  We have always been it and will always be until the end of the world.

Life has no age; it is alpha and omega, has always been and will always be.  But if we use the scale that we have created for ourselves, we can say that all mankind is about 25 years old, with a possible error of up to two years, more or less.  So we are all 25 years old, also those who just arrived, also those that are about to leave.  We are all the same age all equally stupid, all equally wise.  It is a fact.

If the young and the old man had knew, that they are one and the same, and all life for evermore, then would their vision of the world be very different and the result of that would be far more powerful and useful for them and us all.
But they do not know, do they?  No more than the rest of us, who live in the same shit over and over again, trapped in a recurring nonsense.
We could, however, know it, there is nothing hidden, we may all go out and take advantage of life, because we are not just a little bit of it here and there, but it all and always.  So we can use it all and everything it holds.
If we only dared to let go of our importance and just see each other, without judging good or bad, yes or no.  Just watch and see.

When we look at others with a pre-set ideas about how they are, not knowing that we are looking at ourselves and our own prejudices, we are closed and locked and cannot see anything beyond that.
When we, however, look at others and just watch without thinking what and how they are, then all of a sudden we see a lot of things that we have not seen before, have not known before; have not noticed in ourselves before.
The only reason we finally see it is because we recognize it within ourselves, and because we see it and recognize it, we can use it for ourselves.
We truly need to see how much it will benefit us to see new things, new features in ourselves, objects and attributes that can change things for us, even our lives.

Of course, we know all this deep down.  We know that children have no ideas about age, in their eyes are their grandparents the same age as they themselves; they do not see the age difference, because they live in the now and more by their feelings than sight.  Beside they do not have words for all things so they cannot judge them.  We need words to judge one another.

When the rest of us, who are older, have reached a certain age, we begin to notice and wonder about our age, we see how young we really are within, despite the old body and the older we get, the stranger we find it.
But then we push it aside, because we do not want to know it and nobody wants to hear it.  The old man is after all just old and obsolete, and the young is occupied with something else, has maybe not yet realized the difference in the age thing within and outside the body.
Do we not see the importance of this, do we not see how wrong it is to lock ourselves inside our own little worlds, hold on to our own personal importance, titles, money, poverty, famine and all the nonsense.

We cannot create a better world when we do not want to let go of the world we already have created us.  It is just a fact.
If we mix the old and new together, then we just create more and worse complications. We have to let the old ideas disappear; just drop them so the new will be visible.  It is just the way it is.

To let go is not complicated, seeing reality is not complicated or difficult, we do not need any tools to do it, no system, exercises, training, or else that some would like to create and sell for others to buy . To let go is very simple and easy, we have in fact often done it; even though we have forgotten all about it, we make a decision and just do it.

The world we have created is not fixed, unshakable and unchangeable thing that we just have to accept.  We create it as we live.  Certainly, it was here when we arrived, but we can change it, look at it and pick out the best it has to offer, but to find the best we have to see the world and everything it holds, so we have to let go of all our prejudices and prior ideas.
We just look at the world without prejudice and ideas about what we think it is, has been and should be, we look and see it all and then we can choose the best for ourselves and all others, and skip all the rest. Or just drop it altogether.

If these two men, I mentioned in the beginning, had known this they would have been able to put together fresh ideas, experience, education, skills, knowledge, wisdom and opportunity and thus create a powerful tool to create great and remarkable things between them, for the good of us all.  If they only dared to, let go of their importance and prejudices.  But they dare not, do they?
No more than the rest of us, we will not let go of anything, no stupid ideas, prejudices and ugly words.  Therefore, we will continue to live in this world that we have created for ourselves, with all of our conflicts and wars, super rich and poverty, overeating and hunger, disease and other horror.  It is just a fact.
And all of it has come from us.  It is our creation and our legacy to the next generation.

Is it really what we are striving for, what we want the most to have in our lives, is it this that we desire and admire for us all.  If it is really so then we continue and change nothing, but if not then we have to dare to let go of all the ideas and create something new that everyone can enjoy, for their own benefit and fun.  So it just is and nothing else.