My friend asked me if I knew what a pure mind was.  I had never heard of such a thing before, and therefore not speculated about what it might be, I did not even know if it existed.  But I was curious and decided to have a look at it based on words alone.
The only thing we need to remember is that the words are not what is being said, they are only a description of it, an image we have in our mind, which has nothing to do with the thing itself.

Pure mind must be without thoughts, empty, and for that to happen, the brain has to empty itself of all its contents, all the memories, ideas and other we have gathered ourselves.  Can it?

The content of the brain is all our knowledge, whether it is obtained through inheritance, events or reading books.
It is clear that it would take too long to track down every memory found in the brain.  So we need to find something that combines all our memories.

Everything we have tried and learned, we have gathered together and made into a complete image that we call me and it this image that must disappear.
How is not an option, because how leads to a system that includes a method, which creates success that is fulfillment of desire.  The me must simply disappear.

It happens when we see the reality of it and then I mean to see as to understand, completely, and not only on the surface.
When we see the me as it is, without making an image of it and thus create a response or an answer, the brain has emptied itself of its content.

We create answers based on the content of the brain, which is all our knowledge.  To stop creating answers and face the reality is letting go of all our knowledge.  At that moment there is truth.
Truth is quite different from the ideas and thoughts we normally have about it.  It can never be limited thought.

When the me disappears, time disappears.  This moment can be short or long, but it is always and just a moment.  There is total silence, absolute stillness.  No movement.  No thought.  There is nothing, still there is life.
There is silence and peace.  Plain, simple and true.

The brain cannot know anything about it at the moment it happens.  To know is thinking.  It can only know it after it happened and then it is passed and only the memory of it left.  And memory is not reality, not what is, but something that was.

From the moment the me vanishes and truth takes over, there is reality.  Then the brain knows the value of its own thoughts.  And it is a permanent condition.
Then thought gets the importance the moment allows, it will last for as long as necessary and then disappear.

Thereafter thought gets the importance the reality of the moment allows and then the question is no longer about full mind or pure consciousness, but only the reality, what is every moment.