Year after year the media is packed with advertisements for courses in us.  Exercise, existence, diet, yoga, tolerance, healing, truth and other incredible things we can do and buy, all we need to do is show up and pay.  Why do we believe we can buy lessons about ourselves?  Why do we think others know us better than we ourselves?

No one can teach others the truth behind all images, how to see reality every moment, or how to live their lives.
It goes without saying that none of this can be learned.

When we try to teach others these things we are just forcing our own opinions onto others and thus making ourselves important.  So, we create beautiful descriptions, paths to a goal and method to attain the goal, for others to follow and us to teach.

There are no different paths to follow, no method, nothing we can practice or exercise, read or buy.   The first step is also the last one, because there is only one step, if we can call it a step.  We just turn from delusion to reality.  That is all.
We cannot take the words of others and set them up in a system with all sorts of charts and explanations and then teach it to others.  That is an illusion.

We can discuss what we find in our search for ourselves.  We can discover truth and then tell others about our discovery.  And we can try together to face the reality.  But it is not until we have discovered it for our self that we have something to say.  And then we use our own words and not others.
To become a teacher or instructor in the ideas and words of others is only an empty imitation.  Nothing else.

It is an understandable desire to want to teach others what we think is good.  But we should be able to see the illusion in these words, for what is desire, teaching, believing and good?
Our desire to be something, somewhat better than others, more important than others, seems to blind us.

It is clear that anyone who titles himself a spiritual teacher or mentor, with different paths, method and system, has nothing to give to others.  He is only feeding his own ego, his own excellence.  That is all.

Self-knowledge is the only knowledge worth something and no one can teach it to us.  We find self-knowledge ourselves, for ourselves, within ourselves, in our relationship with other people, nature and everything else, without help or guidance from others.  But first we must let go of all our knowledge, whether it is our own or others.  We are not looking for answers to what we already know.

No one should think that he can teach others the truth.  It cannot be learned.  We can only be the truth.  And that we discover ourselves.  Nobody can do that for us.

Once we discovered the truth, then we can try to tell others that the end lies in the beginning, that the first step is also the last.  But at the same time we know others cannot understand what we are talking about, not until they themselves have discovered the truth.  And then we need not tell them anything.  Then there is nothing to be told.