12. ASTROLOGY, fact or fiction

We fear the unknown, things that we do not understand, what could happen, the people we meet and do not know, characteristics we have not previously seen and do not understand, all kinds of other nonsense, and to cope with our fears, we create something to protect us, ideas of all kinds, about the future, what might happen, what we have to do if and when, all kinds of strange ideas about issues and people.
That is why we believe in astrology; that stars have something to do with our personality and looks.  Even now, in 2012, with all the information about genes, we still believe it.  But that is only what it is, belief.  That is all.

We are not cheerful, positive, serious, precise, etc.  We do not have any pre-given and specific constellation of features.  We cannot judge ourselves or others based on astrology or horoscope chart.
Well, perhaps we can but it is all fiction and has nothing to do with reality.

We are all human beings and all human qualities are our characteristics.
We can say it is a question what human characteristics are dominant, every moment, but it has nothing to do with the position of planets and stars at our birth.

When we look at another and say him so and so, then we are describing ourselves.
We are judging from our personal knowledge whether it is obtained through various events or books.
What we say is totally irrelevant to the one we are talking about.  We are in fact describing ourselves.  We are in fact always looking at ourselves.

What happens is this, we see some specific behavior of another person, we seek in our memory for a similar behavior which we then define as cheerful, grumpy, boring, etc.
We can never see, view and define by other than our own knowledge.  Someone else might therefore give this same behavior some other name.

When we admire the intelligence of others then it says nothing about their intelligence, but only our own.  For how do we know?  We see something we recognize in ourselves, we look at it and define, based on ourselves. What we see is us.
We can never see beyond ourselves.  This person could have much more intelligence than we would ever know.
The same applies to what we define as stupid or otherwise.  If we have a grumpy old neighbor across the street, well it is us we are looking at, too bad, but true.
That is all that astrology is, fear of ourselves and the world we have created around our existence.  That is all.