9. WE CAN SEARCH but we cannot find

Why are we searching for the truth?  Is it because we expect the truth to do something for us, to give us some sort of absolution or freedom?  Are we then not free?  Are we then looking for the truth or is it absolution and freedom we seek?  Are we trying to escape from what is to what is not?  In other words, are we trying to escape from restrictions, or no freedom, to freedom?

The way to truth or god can only be something fixes and given in advance, if the truth or god has a definite, fixed location, or address.
In other words, we can only look for and find what we already know and know where to find.

We cannot look for a needle in a haystack, unless we know, or at least assume it is in the haystack and know how it looks.  How else would we know whether it is the needle we find or something else?

Finding is to recognize.  To recognize is knowledge.  And knowledge is stored in the brain.
We can therefore only find and see our own answer.
The same goes for the truth, god, love or whatever we call it.  If we assume that there is something out there for us to find then we have already made an image of it, in our minds.  We know it already.

We can search for the truth, but we cannot find it.  We can only find our ideas about it and our ideas are not the truth.

We can never come to the truth; we cannot search and find it, because the truth is where we are and it has always been there.  It cannot be closer to us than right now.  It is we.
We just cannot see it.  It has disappeared in the ocean of delusion that we have created around our lives.  Our need for importance has taken first place.  The me is more important than truth and life.

When we desire truth, really crave for it, and not what it could bring us, then we are ready to let go of everything.  Leave everything.  And then we can see the truth.
But we must dare to die the me.  We must dare to let go off everything that prevents us from seeing the truth, all we have gathered.
We may know that he who wants to leave nothing gets nothing.  The one who leaves everything gets all.  Thus it just is.