10. EVERYTHING IS, such as it is

There is tranquility and peace over the earth and everything is perfect.
It is so good to be alive, to open the eyes and look at all the wonders of the world and it is so amazing to be in this world and participate in creating the worlds around us.  All these small worlds, within the whole world, in which we live, learn and play, but mostly create our own tiny existence.
Still we require purpose.  We seem not to understand that everything just is.  Not as it is, to become something else, but only such, as it is.  Nothing more.  But we insist on importance so we ignore the peace which can be found everywhere behind all our actions, and we create in its place purpose to give us importance, causing endless disputes and conflicts.

Nothing should be in any given way.  It only is.
It does not matter what we think we see, only the now, or what is, matters.
We can in fact never be sure that we see whether we see what is, or something else.

We say ‘I see’ and immediately we begin to interpret what we see, according to our background, what we have tried, read and learned.  So what do we see?  Not what is, but our ideas about it, and our ideas are as many and varied as we ourselves.

We cannot know until afterwards when everything has passed.  Therefore we cannot judge what we see.  And then we cannot create ourselves a purpose, or say “I am here to save the world, my being has a purpose, I am very important for the world, for the peace.”
When we judge it is not necessarily because we are sure.  In fact, we do not care about it to be sure.  We only judge.

If we do not need to be sure, then we look without judgment.  When we look without judgment, without all, then we see what is.  When we see what is, then end all struggles and conflicts.
Struggling is disagreement, and always a flight from what is.  We want to change what is into what is not.

When we see and understand, all through, what is, without choice or desire to change it and thus create ourselves purpose, then we are free from illusion, from all that we think of all created thinks.  Then we just are, such, as we are.  Nothing.  That alone counts.