35. THE INVISIBLE WALL between matter and spirit

We are convinced of our own importance, knowledge and ability, nothing can stop us, we are the best, god’s chosen species, and therefore, we were given all power in heaven and earth, and we took the power and began to create the world around us.
When we look at the world, our creativity and genius, it is not particularly remarkable sight facing us, actually rather frightening, wars, competition sports, famine, greed, beauty contest, poverty and wealth.  Hate.  Endless hatred.  Created by men, for men.

We are life and life is us.  If it were not for the life we could not do anything, neither move nor think.  Our existence is the creation of life.
Life is the creator of us all.  Life is both body and spirit.  It is our essence, the true reality of us.  But life is not separate as your life and my life, but unified in one, each of us is the whole life, we are all one and the same life, so when we harm others, we are harming ourselves.

But we sometimes forget that for the life the external form or the looks, is not important, there are no such things as beautiful and ugly.  To life there is no why or what.  Only to be.  Merely to exist is enough.  Therefore life gives us freedom to create our own existence.
And if it is wars and other disasters, we want to create, then we can do just that, but we may nonetheless create good things, equality for all and peace on earth.
We can just look around us to see what we have chosen and maintained through the ages.

Life is our creator and we are the creators of existence.  And we do not have to look far to see how powerless and incapable we are, in our creation.  Out of touch with life.
Wars and famine are not peace, nor poverty and wealth.  It is all hate. Endless hatred.  Created by men, for men.

Why do we not push the me aside, let go of the greed and hatred and allow life to take over, so it can lead us through our problems and help us solve all this complexity we have created?  We are not only the body but also the spirit, or life.  The body and spirit need not be concerted, but it would be better for ourselves, for all of us, to walk in tandem with life.  It is always better to have an overview of the whole picture, but to be in fragments and torn apart in all directions.

We have built a wall between matter and spirit, in the form of an image, which we call me.
The me knows that it is only a fabrication of the brain.  But the need for importance, forever, is such that it has set itself up as a wall between matter and spirit.
The me owns us and it prevents us from being a tool for life to use, and thus free from all problems.

The me, as a living force, manipulative and brutal, is an alien idea for many.  Many people think they are not dependent on the me, not under its heel, but vice versa.  But try not to say ‘me’ for one day, use your name instead, or just nothing at all, you will soon find how subtle the me is and how it tries to penetrate into the debate.  It is harder than you think, to keep the me away, you will say ‘me’ before you know, many times.

If we want to sort out the chaos within us and in the world around us, then we must free ourselves from the power of the me.  Outright die the me.
Not with violence or evil, but only to take it down from the pedestal and put into place, where it belongs, as a tool to be used when necessary, but not a controlling factor in our lives, no I will, I want, I shall.

We know that the me is only an image in our minds, created from experiences and knowledge that we store in the memory, in our brain.  The me is in fact an old memory.  Nothing else.
When we see the nature of the me, the reality of it, then it loses its grasp on us.  The wall collapses and life will take over.  And that means to see and understand all through, not just superficial.

Then disappears all the chaos within us and at the same time, in the world we live in.  Then we are no longer this awesome me, because there is no me to be something and manipulate us.  Then we are only.  Without a struggle and in peace.  Then we are peace.