We are brought up in the belief that we should love and respect our neighbor.  We hear this all over the community, in schools and churches, in books and movies, wherever we look, we hear the message; the words; “love thy neighbor.”  And thus it should be; we should care for each other, and not only in words but also in practice.  But do we, love and care for each other?
Can we truly say that we are interested in and have concerned for other people?  Their lives and well-being and indeed any other that belong to them?  Do we really care about someone, or maybe no one?

Can we find some unknown people out there in the world and be interested in them and their lives?  Of course not.  Not only because we find no reason to walk around and look for people to care for, but it is also a question of why?  Why on earth should we be interested in, or care for, some irrelevant people?
And it is precisely in this sentence that the answer lies, irrelevant.

Can we say we are more interested in those who are relevant to us such as our spouses, children, parents, siblings and friends?  How far reaches our so-called affection towards them?
It would be nice to be able to say far.  But can we really?

Is it not the fact that we have no interest in other people, their personal circumstances, wellbeing and other they face?
Is our interest and concern for others not in line with what relates to us?
We have no interest to protect, when it comes to strangers, so it is not necessary to care.  They are irrelevant to us.
It is a different matter with those we have to associate with.  Then there are often many interests at stake.  And then are the interests in accordance with our needs and not others.
The fact of the matter is that the interests are mainly directed to our needs and profit.  We really do not care for others.

Well, in fact we do not even care for ourselves.  If we appreciated ourselves it would also benefit others.  It is inevitable.
Everything belonging to us, whether it is good or bad is first within ourselves and then outside of us in our surroundings.  It means that in order to show others genuine affection or love, then we must first find it in ourselves.

We have probably all experienced love without perhaps realizing what it was we faced.
In quiet moments when we walk down white streets, watching the trees covered with snow, and everything is so quiet and calm, almost sacred.  When observing a waterfall tumble out of a cliff with effortless force.  And sometimes when we are free from ourselves, and look at all these people, all over the earth, searching for something.  Then we feel something within us.  That something is love.
It stands alone, without conditions and interest.  Without all.  As soon as interests appear then it disappears.

It is obvious that our interests stand in the way and we need to rid ourselves of them.
To see our interests, we have to view everything that belongs to us,  all we have collected for us over the years.  We need to peel it all of us until nothing is left, all of our ideas, opinions and beliefs, all the titles and the importance and all the assets, all this must disappear, because our interest is always what we claim ourselves.

 When everything is gone we can see our own reality, the reality of all, the truth which is life and life that is we and everything.  That is love.  Nothing more.