We are constantly moving further away from our origin, and perhaps we have reached the point of no return.
It is like we cannot accept the fact that we are nature, not only from nature, but nature itself.

We have built cities all over the world, where millions of people live all their lives.  There we have schools and prisons, to teach, discipline and punish each other, theaters and shopping centers to entertain us and fill the emptiness we feel inside of us.  We build storage facilities to store our money and livelihood, banks that collapse from time to time and take from us our survival and future.  Few have taken too much and many have received too little.  Thus we allow it to be and thus we have created millions of slaves to work for the few.
And in the midst of all this we have created laws and regulations for people to follow.  We even decide how we should dress, what to eat and how we should conduct ourselves.  We create laws and regulations for every single thing we can think of.

All this we do to remove us further away from our origin.  We do not want to be the beasts of the field, the flowers of the earth and the waters of the ocean.  We want to be the crown of life, the great god man.
And all we harvest are wars, hunger, human tragedy and grief, a void within us which we try to fill, each according to himself, and not to anyone’s benefit.  We are prisoners and the world, we have created, is our prison.

We are restrained in so many ways, by worldly and spiritual assets, and all our ideas about everything, ideas we ourselves have created.  We are indeed prisoners and our own prison guards.  And by all this we are making life very difficult for us all.  And it is not necessary.

If we want to free us of these restrictions, we have to see them first, we have to look through ourselves and examine our thoughts and beliefs, all of our belongings and ideas about everything.  We can only see and know that which is within us.

We give these ideas many and various names, appearance, responsibility, activity, efficiency, belief, etc.
We have to show certain behavior, to fit into the group that we have chosen to belong to, as well as society as a whole, even though it is not to our liking.
We must have the same ideas as everyone else, right or wrong does not matter, only that they are accepted by others.  And if we have other ideas or none at all, we do not revile it, to avoid rejection.

We have to be active, eager and fit and we may not lack assets, so everyone can see how clever we are.  And responsibility, we have to be responsible, who will respect irresponsibility and who does not want the respect of others?
Responsibility is also a good hideaway.  We cannot nurture our garden, ourselves, we are so busy.  We have to attend to our obligations, work, home and children.  What kind of irresponsibility would it be to treat that lightly?  What would others think?
Still it is never others ideas we are thinking of, only our own ideas about the ideas of others. And though they were others ideas, do we need to take notice of them?  Should we not, always and only, stand by ourselves, no matter what others think?

If we truly want to free us of the restrictions we have created for us, then we have to face ourselves.  We have to face all this we have created and believe is necessary for our survival.  The only way is to look, see and accept.
What we need to rid us of is within us.  We are the center and that is where all our problems lie.
Certainly it would be convenient at times to point to the next person or our surroundings and say “it was her fault, my circumstances created this situation.”
But it is never like that.  Because when we give in to pressure it is our doing.  It all starts and ends in us.

Once we rid ourselves of some of these restrictions we are not necessarily free, others can come in their place, and much more dangerous, because they may not be as visible.
Sometimes we have not rid ourselves of anything, just changed the comparison.  And instead of being active and eager for material things we change it to spiritual things.  Then the comparison changes from more money to meditation, from fitness to awareness and from worldly assets to spiritual growth.  But our enthusiasm is still there, because we have to be efficient to have all this and the responsibility is certainly there, because this is a serious matter.
Then we look a little down to those who we think sit in darkness, and we wonder why they do not come into the light with us.
And nothing has changed.  We have only changed the names of our restrictions but the restrictions are still there.

First we try to form ourselves to others liking and then we try to separate us from others.  We believe we are alike and at the same time we think we are better or worse than others.
It is an endless and unnecessary struggle that creates in us all kinds of problems, inferiority complex or egomania.

The question is not to be down to earth or spiritual.  It is totally irrelevant.  The only thing that matters is to be true to ourselves.  That is all.
But we are always afraid.  We are afraid to have and afraid of losing, but we fear nothing more than us ourselves.  We do not dare to face ourselves and accept us as we are.  We are trapped in a vicious circle and it is not necessary.

Why do we not learn from the flowers of nature?  The dandelion does not try to resemble a rose.  It is only itself, a flower like the rose.
There is no such thing as right opinion, behavior and responsibility.  The only reality of it is what meaning we make of it, each for himself.

We have it all in common to restrict us, in one way or another.  And there is no formula to free us from the fear behind it; if there was then we would all be free.
All we can do is to look at ourselves objectively.  And if we are convinced that our me is our true self, then we live in harmony with it.  Always true to ourselves.
Still, we may know that the me is created by us.  But even though we know that it is an ongoing problem, we find it difficult to rid ourselves of it.
The me has taken first place in our lives, and it dominates all our existence.  But it has no independent existence outside the brain, so we could free us from it, here and now, and live the life we hinder from flowing through us, the life that is us.

When we dare to confront ourselves, and let go of the me and thus leave everything, then life will take over and push all barriers away.  Then we are free from our fears.  Then we just are.