... life and death ...

… life and death …

Can you imagine life without death?  I do not think so.  However we are always trying to escape death, we fear it, all our life we fled from it.  Yet we know we cannot avoid dying.  We will all die in the end and we need not fear it.  It is just a simple fact.

But what is this death, which we all fear so much?  To know what death is, we must know what life is.  We have separated the two, but life and death are in fact one and the same.

Life, or what we call living, is always associated with something, me and the spouse, children, parents, fellowship, work, talent, faith, ideas, and so on.  Death we see then as loss of all this.
Somehow thus are our ideas about life and death.  But ideas are one thing and reality another.

When we hear the word death, we automatically think of someone we knew and has died and that prevents us from seeing death.  All we see are our ideas and memories of the person who died.

If our spouse or other loved ones dies then we cry not necessarily what our beloved loses, but our own loss.
We rarely think about what our beloved now is missing, only what we feel we have lost.  I have lost part of what I had.  My loss is my death and that I grieve.
We own in fact nothing.  Our spouse and loved ones are only those entities that we have chosen to live with and associate with because we do not dare to be alone.  That is all.

The truth is that we face each day, raw reality, free of all ornaments and fiction, pure and straight and true.  Truth is what is, and not our response to it.

We know not life or death only our reaction to it.  To know the life, death, or anything else, then we have to stop and confront it, and be in it, simply let it absorb us.
We must face it without the prior ideas of what it is and how it should be and at how we can get rid from it.
This applies to everything we face.
How can we know that we are constantly running away from?

When we focus all our attention on what we are facing, there is no knowledge and then we see what is.  No matter what name it is called, life or death, sorrow or joy.
It is not possible to learn, practice or train.  It is just something we do.  As we lay our hand on a table.

We do not need a method to go by.  No ideas.  We only put our hand on the table and touch it.
If we create a method or idea to go by then we never get in contact with the table, only our ideas about it, good, bad, beautiful, ugly, smooth and hard.

We have to approach life the same way, without ideas and methods.
We just drop all ideas, whether they come from upbringing or books.  We let go, we look, and we see and touch.  That is all.

What happens if we now drop everything that we have gathered us and acquired over the ears?  Then the me dies.  Because when all is gone, what is left?  Nothing.
When everything is gone then there is truth left.  The truth is life.  Life is nothing that contains everything.  It is the reality of all of us.  We are life, we are nothing and we contain everything.

When we omitted all, die, then we are united to all life.  We are in fact never more alive than right then.  Then we touch life and gain eternity.  Those who lives do not the collect past.  They die the moment as it passes by.

To die is to live and to live is to die.  Life and death are one and the same.  Separation can never be.