11. MEDITATION, reason and result

There are all kinds of advertising for various types of meditation floating in the air, telling us how to improve ourselves, matter and spirit. There is the Raja Yoga meditation, the new Kadampa tradition, meditation as a way to help us to reduce stress, meditation for body and soul, to improve our health and etc.  And we go to lessons, perform the exercises taught, read and learn, year after year, generation by generation, and nothing happens.

If this systems and training really helped we would not have to repeat it over and over again, and after all these years we should see some progress in the world.  But everything is the same, the world’s problems are no less, human sorrows are no less, actually everything is the same.

If we want to meditate, then the meditation can never have any other purpose than to meditate.  If meditation is for any reason, “because of…” then the reason creates the result.  And that is not meditation, but the fulfillment of desire, reason. Many find meditation relaxing, comfortable and good and beneficial for the self, and meditate regularly.  That is, in itself, a good thing and nothing wrong with it, but it is still the reason that creates the outcome, and it is not meditation, but complemented desire.

Meditation is not a method to produce results and create the conditions that once was or could be. Meditation is to view what is.  And to see what is we have to let go of any desire for result.  That is all.