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To believe and not believe

... symbol of faith ...

… symbol of faith …

In 4th chapter in the book In the beginning was the word I discuss this age-old idea that people have wondered over the centuries, religion and believing and not believing.

We have established ourselves in an incredible number of religions that have implemented their own ideas and our benefit. They are all similar in principle, allow for autistic kind of god or omnipotence, to be sure our blessing, bringing us everything we desire and instead promise to love them and praise with their ritual and even bring them gifts and construct the the palaces.
We even try make atheism a faith.
It can not be denied, at least not from my part, we are remarkable creatures, seriously distorted, but still remarkable. >Continue reading


We cannot understand in small pieces

... the world in a dew drop ...

… the world in a dew drop …

In Chapter 12 in the book The moment, I discuss our tiny existence in the universe and what we have done with it, how we do not know where we came from, what we are doing here and where to go and in the midst of all this, we have created all kinds of nonsense, trampled on and destroyed our neighbor and the earth, just to try to gain importance.  We put everything up for importance, and yet we continue to be nothing, the same life, all one and the same.
We cannot really handle life.  We know not how to stop and just live in harmony with all humans and other creatures.  So we are left with the question, what can we do?