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Love thy neighbor

GooseWe are brought up in the belief that we should love and respect our neighbor.  We hear this all over the community, in schools and churches, in books and movies, wherever we look, we hear the message; the words; “love thy neighbor.”  And thus it should be; we should care for each other, and not only in words but also in practice.  But do we, love and care for each other? Can we truly say that we are interested in and have concerned for other people?  Their lives and well-being and indeed any other that belong to them?  Do we really care about someone, or maybe no one?

This is the topic in chapter 21 in the book “What am I?”

Compassion and caring

SVÖRT BERDo we not care about other people or is the welfare of others our concern.
Often we walk past those who have problems without noticing them.  If we see them we look the other way and let as they are not our concern.  This applies to most of us.  We would rather not interfere in other people´s problems because we think it is easier to just walk away.  To help others may take some time and could lead to all sorts of problems for us.
But do we know what it entails to care for others?  Seriously, or are we just guessing and imagining what it means?  This is the topic og chapter 8.

Love and caring

sugarShe called me, she was my friend and we often called each other and talked about all kinds of things and all of life matters over a cop of coffee. Somehow our talk led to me telling her about a dream I had many years ago, in the period when I, in my dreams, was traveling through my dreams, learning their meaning.  I had been going through my past,  falling from one dream to another all night and learning what they were telling me with the help of my dream friend.  Amongst other I learned that I use my children, see them in various ages, when I have some issues to solve from my past. Then suddenly I felt a change in my dreams, found myself walking pass two men laying something on the ground, it was a thread they were laying in lines, in all directions, out and south. It did not look like  nything, made no sense to me, but still it was some kind of path, totally bewildering path. Continue reading