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The trees and the forest

... the trees ...

… the trees …

Sociology for junior colleges teaches that every person has many positions, both appointed and acquired.
Appointed positions are congenital, such as gender, age and skin color. Acquired positions are created by ourselves with marriage, childbirth, religious ideas, education, and various other, each in style with himself and the culture in which he live.
Sociology also says that the position of the individual tells who he is and where he is. This statement is very interesting, how can our position tell us who we are?

The same applies to the positions and the trees, we talk often about the trees in the forest, of trees as one and the forest as something else. But it is nevertheless a fact that the trees are the forest and the forest the trees, and neither can be without the other. We know this well, though our words indicate otherwise.

As the trees and the forest are one, there is one position common denominator of all the other positions, we rarely think about it and often forget to take it into account, but it is still there, we call it normally the ‘me’. It is I, the me, which is a woman or a man, a teenager or old, a parent, married, intellectual or an expert. The ‘me’ that is something.
The ‘me’ is any position that we can think of and it makes no difference whether it is appointed or acquired. Without the ‘me’ there is no position. Continue reading

Who am I?


Sooner or later we will face the question “who am I,” and go in different directions to look for answers.  Some turn to religions, Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, etc. and consequently give themselves to God, in one form or another.  Others turn to theosophy and mysticism and discover meditation and learn that maybe they can approach the almighty with a still mind, so they put on a lot of effort and other activities, to stop the thought and so quiet the mind.
Some rely on science with its ever changing facts, and thus could we find endless ideas to turn to, the possibilities are many and varied.  We do all kinds of strange things in the hope of finding the answer to this question.

Many leave it at that, delusions, in the form of religion, meditation, exercise, and other systems, and ideas, satisfy their needs for importance, so they do not seek any further.
Others find that none of this is useful to them, no matter which path they choose, nothing seems to satisfy their needs.  There is always something missing.
Why, are they not satisfied?  Why does their effort not benefit them?  Why, can they not find what they are looking for?

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To love ourselves

The central highland in Iceland - Rout 208

We crave for love and affection.  From our parents, relatives, and friends, from everywhere.  All our being is about the love and care we need and miss, and little else.  And if we do not have the love of others, then our existence is all about the love that we desire but do not get.

And we always seek it outside ourselves.  We give others little help here and there, take care of children for friends and relatives and visit the sick.  We are so loving, so caring and good and in return we get recognition, positive strokes.  A small light to warm us.  That is all.
We harvest only a small light which tickles our vanity for a while, but gives no true warmth.  And that which tickles our vanity is not real love or caring.  Why is it so difficult to find real love?

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Nothing is new under the sun, moon …

... under the sun ...

… under the sun …

We are full of ideas, of all kinds, actually of all there is, and we put it forward in many ways, in poems and phrases and other writings, without even knowing anything about the truthfulness and importance of what is said and written.
So we spread around us ideas and words, as they are the most important thing in the world, and actually quite new and fresh, and have never been told before.

Yet we may know that there is nothing new under the sun, as someone once said.  But how do we know it, or do we not, then how can we have words for it?  The words cannot exist unless there is something behind them, some images or ideas, can we then not say there is nothing new under the sun, or is perhaps something new there to find?

We have really no idea of the truth of what we say and hear, some are undoubtedly true and other lies.  Everything that has a name, everything that can be put into words exists, but not necessarily and always as the image or form that we have created about it, but it still exists.
A good example is the idea of Santa Claus, it has taken many changes with the times, got different look and meaning, yet we know that Santa does not exist, or does he, is he perhaps something other than a man with a white beard and the red hat, like joy and expectations of children at Christmas?

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Poverty, the fragments and the whole picture

Beauty in death

We see life in fragments, always, we can sometimes combine a few fragments and thus form larger picture, as of nations and continents, but little more than that.
We see organisms and can scale the image down to species and individuals within species and the condition of individuals within each species, and so on down to tiny units. But we never see the whole picture.  Yet it is there, as visible as the fragments, if we see fit.

This applies to all aspects of life, including poverty.  There are poor people in every nation, maybe not equally poor but still poor.  There are slums, poor nations, poor countries and poor continents.  Can you then imagine what the overall picture called poverty looks like?

Strange is it not?  No, not that we see just fragments and never the whole picture, but rather that there is poverty in a world that is full of wealth and enough of everything for everyone.

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