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Those who went before us

... once upon time  ...

… once upon time …

Maybe we do not like it, and maybe we would like to have it some other way, but no matter what we like, desire, and think we know, the fact remains that we live in a world of delusion that we ourselves have created, around our existence, and it seems that we do not even know it.

But it is not necessary to continue to create and maintain what previous generations have handed to us, we can change and improve the world, we may lay down the arms and wars, famine, greed and other ill will.  The world is ours to create.

Nothing and no one can force us to hold on to this illusion, except perhaps ourselves, our greed for power and desire for money.  But it is then our choice, our desires and not others.
Certainly it would be convenient to point to the next person, or our circumstances, or just the whole world, and say, he, she or it stands in the way, they demand this of us.  But it would not be true.  To say such thing would be just a continuation of the illusion, the self-defense of the me, to maintain and strengthen itself.

Our ancestors handed us the arms, wars and other ill will, but many discovered the reality of the me and tried to tell us about it and guide us.  We can see it all over the planet …

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