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The trees and the forest

... the trees ...

… the trees …

Sociology for junior colleges teaches that every person has many positions, both appointed and acquired.
Appointed positions are congenital, such as gender, age and skin color. Acquired positions are created by ourselves with marriage, childbirth, religious ideas, education, and various other, each in style with himself and the culture in which he live.
Sociology also says that the position of the individual tells who he is and where he is. This statement is very interesting, how can our position tell us who we are?

The same applies to the positions and the trees, we talk often about the trees in the forest, of trees as one and the forest as something else. But it is nevertheless a fact that the trees are the forest and the forest the trees, and neither can be without the other. We know this well, though our words indicate otherwise.

As the trees and the forest are one, there is one position common denominator of all the other positions, we rarely think about it and often forget to take it into account, but it is still there, we call it normally the ‘me’. It is I, the me, which is a woman or a man, a teenager or old, a parent, married, intellectual or an expert. The ‘me’ that is something.
The ‘me’ is any position that we can think of and it makes no difference whether it is appointed or acquired. Without the ‘me’ there is no position. Continue reading