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We want to be gods

... the glory ...

… the glory …

Precisely at this moment, while we read these words, there are people all over the world doing something.  Some are on their way to work and others on the way home from work.  Some are going to sleep while others are waking up.  Children are being born and people are dying.  Some are born to poor conditions, while others enjoy wealth.  Some die of diseases while others die of old age, are killed or die of starvation.  Australians receive summer while Scandinavians receive winter.  The earth rotates around itself on its journey through space like millions of other planets, suns and stars in countless galaxies.
This does not happen one after the other, but all at once.  Now, at this moment, this is all happening.
How are we to understand that which is behind it all?  It which has an overview of all of this, and much more, happens exactly the same moment?
We who have not even an overview of a few hours of our lives.
But that we cannot accept.  Do we?

This is the topic in chapter 8 in the book “The moment” – continue reading>