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Magic, witchcraft and other creative powers

loðvíðirI have been told I am magic woman or better yet witch, but it is not true, at least I do not have more magic or witchcraft than others, because it may well be said that we all have magic and witchcraft, we just do not know it.
It would perhaps be more accurate to say that we have control over our own lives and we use words to shape it.  This applies to all of us.
I am of course talking about adult people.

Sometimes we get enough of it all.  There is no need to try to define what this all is, we could never define it, but still we sometimes get enough of it all.  I know it because that is how I am, and when it happens, I announce, loud and clear, that now it is enough and now it stops, here and now. That is what you do too, maybe not in these words, but something like that, it is enough and now it must stop.

This is the topic in chapter 3 in the book “In the beginning was the word” – continue reading>