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Visible, invisible, the Buddha

... buddha ...

… buddha …

History teaches that Gautama, in his search for truth, once sat under a tree by the river meditating, a boat sailed by and in the boat were an old man and a young musician who played the lira.
When they sailed past where Gautama sat then he heard the old man say to the young musician, “if you expand the string too much it will break and if it is too slack it will not sound right.”
When the old man had spoken these words the boat sailed away and under the tree Gautama sat enlightened.
Hearing these words Gautama is to have woken up and seen that in his search he had gone from one extreme to another, from the kingdom and great wealth to ascetic life.  And nothing had changed.

This story is very interesting.  But not only because of the old man’s words and the understanding of Gautama about himself, but for that we do not feel important in the story, and therefore miss.

Excerpt from 33 chapter in the book “The moment is the only reality” read the entire chapter. >