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When we hear the words, “you are nothing” then we immediately create an image of it. We create in our minds an image of what this no-thing is, what it looks like, and so we continue to be something, all kinds of ideas created by the brain. That’s what we do.

But we are no-thing, really, and that refers to that we we’re not people, not happy and sad, not rich and poor, but only and exclusively no-thing.
It is not possible to create an image of no-thing, no matter what we try, the images we create in our minds are illusions. Where there is no-thing, there is no-thing to create.

If we look into a bottomless barrel, we do not see anything in the barrel, we see in fact nothing. Perhaps it is in these words that we fail, because these words are immensely misleading, we say that we see, and then we add that what we see is nothing, and exactly at that moment we create this some-thing.

How can I share this with you, how can I say this differently, so you understand the meaning behind the words?

We meet on the streets, we greet each other, you ask, “who are you” and I reply “no-thing.” Can you stop there, not reply, and walk away.