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Why is life so short?

Fræ í rigningu
Why is life so short?  The average age of women is 83 years and men 79 years and you might think it pretty good.  In the beginning of our lives it seems like a long time, but when we get older it starts to feel like very short.  Why?

Well, the first years we are almost unconscious.  We only are, respond to stimuli according to our innate temperament and other characteristics, and little else.  And we do not know that there is something called death and are therefore immortal.

Then we grow up and become adolescent and are gradually fed into the idea that we are something, beautiful, good, Continue reading

Who, what, how?

Who, how, whyWe judge each other based on what we see, especially the face, beautiful, ugly, young, old, tired, fresh, and so on.  But when we have no face what do we use then?

Sure we can view the package, it appears to be young, the clothing, probable female and thus seek a definition to judge by.

Who are we?  What are we?  How are we? An image made by us for us to use?  Absolutely.  Point all targets from?  Yes, that to.  Like this or that?  No doubt. Young yesterday, old today?  No, not that but still that.

I have to tell you we are exactly the same today as we were the day we were born, both in age and abilities.  We are in no way changed.  We have nothing learned.  Our knowledge is the same as in the beginning as well is our age, hopes and dreams.  And this applies to all of us, whether we like it or not. Continue reading

Nothing is nothing

IMG_5039My friend was feeling strange, not necessarily bad, rather uncomfortable, frightened, like a bad omen, like something was about to happen, something she did not want to happen.

I asked her to try something for me, to sit down in a good chair or lie down on her bed, next time this feeling came over her, and face this fear, invite it to come and take over her body and life.  Just do it. Face it.

Few days later I called her and asked how it went.  She did not want to talk about it, had been busy and made all kinds of excuses as we all do when we do not want to talk about something.

“I know you tried” I said “and I know what happened, you just do not know it yourself, please describe to me what happened” I asked. Continue reading

Retired woman

Soon I will come to the desirable age where I will be able to retire from my work and stay at home with my wonderful spouse the whole day, every day.

In your dreams, that it is just desirable.

Well it will be for me, but many women have lived in marriages which they have disliked in various ways all their married lives. Some have lived with violence and pussy spouse, have been mentally and physically violated, while others have just had boring spouses, which none of them have had the courage to leave, either for the children’s sake or because of fear of not being able to provide for themselves.  And then one day their spouses comes home to stay, no more privacy, no break, no rest from their spouses ever more.

It is very easy to say they should just leave Continue reading

Words are not reality

wordsIt is true, words are not reality or that which we or others are talking about, they are just a description of it, the words “beautiful sunset” gives you an image in your head, not a sunset. When we have spoken the words we have to let go of our own and others interpretation of them and see the true meaning behind them.

It is really possible to feel the energy behind the written words, whether they are honest, angry, pleasant and so on, you have often done it, you may not be aware of it but we all have felt the energy of written words. It is just like the spoken word, when our friends say, I am fine, everything is good and we can feel it is not true, the energy is hollow, not true and we do not have to see the speaker’s mouth when he is yelling at us, it is enough to hear the words, the tone, the force, created by energy, the same energy we put into written words. Continue reading

Love and caring

sugarShe called me, she was my friend and we often called each other and talked about all kinds of things and all of life matters over a cop of coffee. Somehow our talk led to me telling her about a dream I had many years ago, in the period when I, in my dreams, was traveling through my dreams, learning their meaning.  I had been going through my past,  falling from one dream to another all night and learning what they were telling me with the help of my dream friend.  Amongst other I learned that I use my children, see them in various ages, when I have some issues to solve from my past. Then suddenly I felt a change in my dreams, found myself walking pass two men laying something on the ground, it was a thread they were laying in lines, in all directions, out and south. It did not look like  nything, made no sense to me, but still it was some kind of path, totally bewildering path. Continue reading