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loveLove is a remarkable word that stands for even more remarkable phenomenon.
There are many different words in the Icelandic languish to express love, depending on whom and what we are expressing.
If I wanted to express love for God I would use the word kærleikur, which has a deeper meaning than ordinary love.  If it was love for my husband I wanted to express I would use the word ást and ástfangin, which means love and being caught in love, in ást there would be more hormone activity than in the other words.  For my children I would say elska, because I elska them, I would not use the word everywhere and at every occasion, telling them I love them would be somewhat a sacred moment.  I could also use the word elska to my friends.
But if I wanted to express my admiration for shoos I would just say they were flott, meaning they are great or beautiful. Continue reading

The consequence of our behavior

Young boyA small boy looked at his mother with tears in his eyes. “Yes my dear boy” said the mother “when you do something like this you must take the consequences of it”. The boy started to cry. Many would have forgiven him anything at that moment.

Sometimes we talk just to talk, and we do not think about the truth of what we are saying and thus we give the youth all kinds of wrong and misleading information, that has nothing to do with reality, and which gradually build up in their minds, so they become confused and know not what they should to do when, they later in life, face all kinds of events and difficulties. Continue reading

The Crhistmas Spirit

AngelDo they exist er not ?

We must know that if there is a word for it, it exists.  Everything that has a name, and can be described with words, exists, not necessarily in the form that we have put it. But it still it exists. So Christmas elves, Santa Claus and Christmas lads exist.

It is just the form that we can argue about, not the existence of elves, Santa Claus and Christmas lads. Continue reading

We are others and others are we

 Dronicum orientale (D.caucasicum) A young woman came to me for advice, about problems she had at work, her colleague was bullying her, by constantly talking down to her, demeaning her at meetings and other such.  She did not know how to deal with this.  We discussed the issue back and forth, looked at it from different sides and the result was as follows.

What others think of us has nothing to do with us, only they themselves and the ideas about us are influenced by their personal circumstances, temperament, security or insecurity, and other. Continue reading

Fear of death

Shadows in the cemeteryWe fear death, it is a fact and that fear has a major impact on our lives.  When I talk about fear of death I am not talking about the superficial, yes but I am not afraid of death, you do not know if there is life after death etc. But this fear we are born with, it makes us do almost anything to survive.

It is certainly true that I do not know if there is life after death, I am not dead, and although I have tried it once, briefly, I am still alive. Yet we all know there was life before we came and will probably be after we go, even though we are no longer alive to know it. Continue reading

The soul

Hm, I wonderI asked friends, acquaintances and strangers if they believed in the soul, most of them did.  When I asked them to describe the soul to me, I got many and various answers, most of them saw the soul as a kind of invisible spirits or something similar.  But one girl hada a fun idea about the soul, she saw it as a green, fuzzy, ball tha twas located in our throat.
I cannot say that I know whether there is a soul, or not, or what it would look like.
But the idea raised many questions, which led me to one answer.
The soul is the subject of  chapter 5>