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Aware and awake

... aware and awake ...

… aware and awake …

It is easy to tell others to keep the attention awake, live in the now, and various other spiritual studies teach.  But so that it will be useful to us, it is necessary to know what the now and awake attention is, and it is not certain that everyone can understand it.  There is also a question whether we need it.  We are the ones who know everything about ourselves, and at the same time what suits us best, and indeed how to access it.

Yet we continue to search for answers outside ourselves, attend workshops, and meet us wiser people, in the hope that the words of wisdom falls from their lips, for us to pick up.  And all the time it was us that we needed to turn to and view.
We hold within us all knowledge, all that relates to ourselves and we are the only ones who can say what we need.  It is all there, within us.

Excerpt from 32 chapter in the book “The moment is the only reality” read the entire chapter. >