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“In the beginning was the word”

“In the beginning was the word” is the firs chapter of the book “In the beginning was the word” which is still in process.
As the title of the chapter indicates it is about the power of the words as a the creating force we use to create the world we live in. Read more >>


When we hear the words, “you are nothing” then we immediately create an image of it. We create in our minds an image of what this no-thing is, what it looks like, and so we continue to be something, all kinds of ideas created by the brain. That’s what we do.

But we are no-thing, really, and that refers to that we we’re not people, not happy and sad, not rich and poor, but only and exclusively no-thing.
It is not possible to create an image of no-thing, no matter what we try, the images we create in our minds are illusions. Where there is no-thing, there is no-thing to create.

If we look into a bottomless barrel, we do not see anything in the barrel, we see in fact nothing. Perhaps it is in these words that we fail, because these words are immensely misleading, we say that we see, and then we add that what we see is nothing, and exactly at that moment we create this some-thing.

How can I share this with you, how can I say this differently, so you understand the meaning behind the words?

We meet on the streets, we greet each other, you ask, “who are you” and I reply “no-thing.” Can you stop there, not reply, and walk away.


Dying star

... dying star ...

… dying star …

When I died, so many years ago, and experienced the trip through the tunnel, memories leaving and the feeling, when I dissolved into atoms and disappeared, it was completely silent.
There was total silence, absolute stillness, no sound, not the slightest movement. It was like nothing. No, not like, it was nothing.
Thus, it is to die, it is this that we experience, everything so still and silent.
I wish I had words to describe it for you, how peaceful it is to die, how calm, fearless and silent, but it is not possible to give another the feeling of peace, tranquility and silence.
If I were still to try, then I would tell you to …    Continue reading >

To believe and not believe

... symbol of faith ...

… symbol of faith …

In 4th chapter in the book In the beginning was the word I discuss this age-old idea that people have wondered over the centuries, religion and believing and not believing.

We have established ourselves in an incredible number of religions that have implemented their own ideas and our benefit. They are all similar in principle, allow for autistic kind of god or omnipotence, to be sure our blessing, bringing us everything we desire and instead promise to love them and praise with their ritual and even bring them gifts and construct the the palaces.
We even try make atheism a faith.
It can not be denied, at least not from my part, we are remarkable creatures, seriously distorted, but still remarkable. >Continue reading

Magic, witchcraft and other creative powers

loðvíðirI have been told I am magic woman or better yet witch, but it is not true, at least I do not have more magic or witchcraft than others, because it may well be said that we all have magic and witchcraft, we just do not know it.
It would perhaps be more accurate to say that we have control over our own lives and we use words to shape it.  This applies to all of us.
I am of course talking about adult people.

Sometimes we get enough of it all.  There is no need to try to define what this all is, we could never define it, but still we sometimes get enough of it all.  I know it because that is how I am, and when it happens, I announce, loud and clear, that now it is enough and now it stops, here and now. That is what you do too, maybe not in these words, but something like that, it is enough and now it must stop.

This is the topic in chapter 3 in the book “In the beginning was the word” – continue reading>

Words warm, words bite, and thus we create the world

The last berryWe use words to please and hurt each other.  We are the masters when it comes to words, we know their power and creativity, we know them, we know what bites and what warms, we know where and when to use them and we apply them liberally, to improve, help, please and stimulate, to destroy, damage, injure and kill, always in favor of ourselves, for our glory. The words that please and hurt are not necessarily on either end of a stick or opposites, we can use both positive and negative words to hurt and damage as well as to please, it is called mock and sarcasm, we use it often.

This is the topic in chapter 2 in the book “In the beginning was the word”

Young, old, and everything in between

old, youngWhen a young man looks at 60+ he sees not experience, self, knowledge, wisdom and opportunity, he sees old, and old is obsolete, stupid and useless.
When an old man looks at a young man he sees not fresh ideas, education, skills and opportunities, he sees the young, and youth is inexperienced, stupid and useless.
What is interesting about this is that they are both right, because they are both looking at themselves.  We never see beyond ourselves, and are therefore always looking at ourselves.

The fact of the matter is that we have it all, young, old and everything in between, at the same moment, right now, because we are life itself, the live energy, collection of stupidity and nonsense, knowledge and wisdom, which is everywhere and everything.  We are everything.  We have always been it and will always be until the end of the world.

This is the topic in chapter 1 in the book “In the beginning was the word”