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The force of us all

All Icelanders know that Christmas starts at six o’clock on Christmas Eve, then ring the church bells in Christmas, people sit at the table and Christmas has begun.  And just at that moment hovers the spirit of joy and peace over the country.

We see this as quite natural, since this has always been so, and although we are in a position to not hear the church bells or sit at the table we know anyway, wherever in the world we are, when the clock strikes six on Christmas Eve, then Christmas has begun.

And at that moment unite the minds of Icelanders into one, thereby creating a strong collective awareness of peace on earth, so all over us and in our hearts will be happiness and warmth.

We know all this because we’ve all experienced it, from the very beginning of our lives, but perhaps not everyone knows how strong energy arises precisely at this moment, force of joy and peace, the energy of all of us, united in one.  It is a strong force and good.

And now that we know it, we should remember it, when a lot is going on in the nation and many things to take care of and fix, especially for those disadvantaged.  The united awareness of all of us, of joy and peace is not just to save, not just to be used on special days, or this one day of the year, but can be raised anywhere and anytime.

So when any part of the population is in need of all the others, then we should unite in one place, in body and spirit, ring within us the church bells, find the peace in our hearts and unite it with and for all.

But this also applies to all the inhabitants of the earth, all mankind, so when any part of the world is in need of all the others, we should unite into one, the whole world, in body and spirit, at the exact moment, ring within us the church bells, find peace within our hearts and unite it with and for all the world.  That is love.


Good enough

... all kinds of flowers ...

… all kinds of flowers …

If anything can make us better people then it means that we are not good enough as we are.
How is good enough? Who knows what is good enough and what not?
The truth does not make us better people. It leave us naked. Exactly as we are. Neither better or worse. Only thus, as we are. Nothing more.

We are all there is

... blowin' in the wind ...

… blowin’ in the wind …

We are like dots that everything is directed from.  We see from us and not to us.
When we look in the mirror it is our reflection that we see.  And even though it is we and we it, it is at the same time not ourselves, or at least skewed.

We are the point that creates the reflection.  Try to stand in front of a mirror, raise your right hand and see yourself, are you raising the right hand in the mirror or the left.

We are images, ideas, created by us, about us and for ourselves.
We are not the same in all minds.  Each one creates an image of us in his mind.  If the image was of us then it would be the same in everyone’s mind.  But it is not. Continue reading


... clouds in the sky ...

… clouds in the sky …

We can never know love, know how it is or define it.  Love can only be in nothing.

Once we have denied the world, not that we have given the name the world, but our own little worlds, the ones we live in, the family that we consider ourselves bound by, friends, parenting, careers, importance, hope, guilt, obedience, all our ideas and assets, when there is nothing left and everything is gone, whether we give it the name good or bad, also our desire and search for love, then out of nowhere comes love.


I think therefore I am – René Descartes

Steinn SteinarThe words of Descartes, I think, therefore I am grabbed my attention when I heard them first, probably because of the two words I and think.
These two words have their existence in each other, for the me to be there has to be thinking.  I am a thought.

If we look at our history, from birth and to this day, we can see that the me is really a thought, made up by the brain, from memories rooted in the experiences we have gained through various events.  Along with the knowledge we have gathered from books. Nothing more. Continue reading

New and old, ideas about everything

maturWe have created ourselves ideas of all possible things, food, religion, beliefs, teaching, etc. and we are not willing to abandon these ideas, no matter what.  Not even though researches show us how little value they have.  Not even though we ourselves know how stupid they are.  We just say “oh well” and keep on holding tight to our ideas.  We are stuck in our habits.
We are always so convinced of our own excellence that we do not allow us to accept something new.

We have met all kinds of opinions and ideas on our walk through life, both wrong and right.  And we will keep on meeting more ideas, of all sorts.
The older we become, the more ideas we have gathered ourselves. The more ideas we have, the more difficult it is to get rid of them. And before we know it we are trapped in a vicious circle that is hard to get out of. Continue reading


eldgosFear appears in many and varied forms, as envy, jealousy, anger, hatred and even courage.

It is perhaps not easy to see courage as fear.  But to be courageous, we first have to be afraid.  Perhaps just a little, but still scared.  And why would anyone want to be scared or brave?

But whatever the shape or form of fear, it is always within our mentality, in our own mind, in our own body.  It is from there it poisons our lives, nowhere else.

We never fear the unknown.  How can we fear that we do not know?

What we really fear is our ideas about the unknown.  And they are always based on what we already know.  Fear is just an old memory.  Nothing more.

Perhaps we cannot escape fear but it is okay to know that it is in us it exists and only us it hurts.  No one else.