What is death?

The central highland in Iceland - Rout 208
We often wonder what happens to us in death.  We are afraid of death and would like to know what we have coming.  Will we survive as individuals in some kind of heaven and play golf there, or else, forever.  Not exactly an exciting thought.  But is it something like that, we have to come?  Or will we just disappear into the ground and be eaten by worms, and change finally into soil?  There are countless ideas hovering around the world, but no one can say that he knows for sure what will happen.

We cannot know whether life has a purpose, or whether there is life after death, until after death, and if there is nothing, we know of course nothing.
At first glance we may be tempted to conclude the matter thus, and think no more about it.  Except creating all kinds of ideas that will soften our fears.
But the fact that we cannot know until after death or maybe never, equals that we cannot know it here and now.  More is not to say about it.  We have to wait.

But is it so, do we have to wait, or can we possibly know this?
Would it not be more natural to as ask what death is?  What is death?  How close can we come to death while still living?  What really happens on this side of life when we die, and can we use it to approach the topic?

Excerpt from 34 chapter in the book “The moment is the only reality” read the entire chapter. >

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