To know and not know

... northern lights ...

… northern lights …

We want to be wise, men are so wonderfully wise in our minds, and it seems no matter what they are asked they know almost everything.  This yields all kinds of ideas, which have no basis in reality.  Not because men cannot be wise, but wisdom is not the same as knowing terribly much.
To know very much is the same thing as being filled with the knowledge that we have acquired through our training and books, which may as well be a hindrance to us than the other.  Many people try to make themselves greater with the wise sentences and believe they are thereby wise, but there is not much wisdom in pretending and believing all kinds of things.

Someone once said that he knew only that he knew nothing, he might have been wise or not, but many people have repeated these words and some stylized and modified them, like the man who said, wisest is she who knows what she knows not.

Excerpt from 29 chapter in the book “The moment is the only reality” read the entire chapter. >

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