Heritage of the generations

... for eternity ...
… for eternity …

We all have our own world, we live in.  Thus are a variety of worlds, political worlds, worlds of crimes and honesty, worlds of different religions and fashion, my world and your world, the possibilities are endless.
Every human being creates his world out of and in line with himself.  We are the world.

At first glance, no two worlds seem similar.  But closer examination reveals that the foundation of them all is the same, happiness, unhappiness, beautiful, ugly, health, diseases, ambition, life policies, strife, love and hate.  The basis of all our worlds is fear.  Endless fear.

As we are so are our worlds.  We laugh and cry, feel love and hatred, and dream of a better world?  Bur who have laid down their own will and desires and only are?  Can we say that we are fearless?  Without at all?

Excerpt from 23 chapter in the book “The moment is the only reality” read the entire chapter. >


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