Humility is a lie

... thus it is ...
… thus it is …

The first thing that comes to mind when I hear the words humble, nobility and gracious are the stories by Charles Dickens, about the poor widows and orphans, who have nothing and meet a humble and gracious man who promises them gold and green forests, but steals from them their last penny.  There is little nobility in it.
But of course humility is much more than that, but still can there be found mixed morality, good and evil and not only towards others but also ourselves.

We are nonetheless taught to have and show a moderate estimation of our own talents, abilities, and value and are considered better men for it.  But the reality is, to live in humility is to live in a lie.  And then I mean humility of reducing the excellence of what we have at hand.

If we do something well and behave accordingly and do not conceal our satisfaction, even welcome it, then we are consistent to ourselves.  We show our true nature.
If, however, we try to reduce the excellence of what we do, hide our satisfaction, and thus show modesty, we are inconsistent to ourselves, we hide what we are, behind the mask of meekness.  And that is a lie.

We do not need to be humble, noble, gracious or other, just honest.  Straightforward, honest, consistent and true to ourselves, all these things we so rarely are, because we are so small inside us, and need masks to hide ourselves behind, and also compliments and caresses and awards and reassurance about our own excellence.

Excerpt from 22 chapter in the book “The moment is the only reality” read the entire chapter. >


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