Moment forever

... eternity ...
… eternity …

We are born with no age and we die with no age.  We are life itself, it is our true identity, and life has no age, it is, for eternity.
But since we want to have age, weeks and years to separate us from each other and ourselves, then we create age.
I chose number twenty-five, so in my mind we are born as twenty-five and twenty-five we die.  I chose this number, because it seems everybody is twenty-five, or rather behave like twenty-five.  But there are of course other ideas about age, hovering around the world, and indeed many.

In the “General grammar” (Almenn málfræði) by Thorunn Blöndal says that the brain is a kind of language-computer that ensures that we use the language instinctively by certain grammar rules.  It also tells us that when children learn language they usually start by dividing time into now and once.  Terms such as when, which includes time, usually come last into the vocabulary.
The now is what the children assume from the beginning.  Just until we teach them about yesterday and tomorrow with all its nuances, the day before yesterday, after a year, once was and will be.
This is certainly interesting. But what does this tell us?

Excerpt from 20 chapter in the book “The moment is the only reality” read the entire chapter. >


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