My greed, your hunger

... the way home ...

… the way home …

They say that the mortal sins are seven and one of them is greed.
We do not assume that we have these sins, just others, we are usually honest and fair and sensible and everything else that is needed to be good people.  Right?

Now I know nothing about sin other than how to spell it, and that in itself is quite enough for me.  I do not have any faith or religion and need not accept this inheritance from the past.
The other is a different matter, for it to be honest, just, and all the rest, is in my mind quite natural and sensible thing to do, if that is the way we are and want to be.

But more often than not, it seems that we do not have to be just and true, those who allow greed to take over their lives, seem to have a better life and enjoy great respect and privileges and the more the greed and the greater the honor.
And nothing stops them, as they do not have to take into account anything except their own greed.   Continue reading >


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