Daily Archives: June 27, 2013

The search for ourselves

... worm ...

… worm …

When we start the search for ourselves, it is not always and necessarily the truth that we seek.  Sometimes we are only trying to position ourselves in life, looking for something to do, so to speak, and then it suits us just fine to live in illusion.
It is well understandable, after all we are very confused and scared of the environment and the situation that we have created ourselves, but first and foremost of ourselves.  Too have enough to do, gives us not only importance, but also helps us to look pass ourselves.  We are too busy to stop and see who and how we really are and then is living in illusion decent solution.

We do not want to know who, what and how we are, we fear it and we fear it because in practice we know it, deep down, we know it all.
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