We are all there is

... blowin' in the wind ...

… blowin’ in the wind …

We are like dots that everything is directed from.  We see from us and not to us.
When we look in the mirror it is our reflection that we see.  And even though it is we and we it, it is at the same time not ourselves, or at least skewed.

We are the point that creates the reflection.  Try to stand in front of a mirror, raise your right hand and see yourself, are you raising the right hand in the mirror or the left.

We are images, ideas, created by us, about us and for ourselves.
We are not the same in all minds.  Each one creates an image of us in his mind.  If the image was of us then it would be the same in everyone’s mind.  But it is not.
Each one creates the image, out of and in accordance with himself.  The image is actually of those who created it.

The same can be said for everything else.  Everything we see around us are only ideas, created by us, based on and consistent with ourselves.

The point is what it sees. We are what we see. Thus we see ourselves in all the ideas that we have created.  We are the environment. The environment is we.
The point cannot, as such, see beyond itself.  We cannot see beyond ourselves.  All that we think is outside of us is within us, our own ideas and therefore us.  There is nothing outside of us; we create everything within us.  We are always looking at ourselves.

We are all there is.


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