Who am I?

... the road home ...

… the road home …

We often hear talk of many ways to the truth, that the ways are many and they all lead to the same point.  This is not so, there is no way to truth, we cannot get to the truth, the truth can arise within us and it happens when we let go of everything.

There is no reward for leaving everything.  No prize.  We do not become something.  Enlightened.  We will not acquire something.  God.  To leave everything is nothing more than what the words say; when everything is gone there is nothing left.  That is the truth, that is life and that we are.  That is all.

But at the same time we must know that being nothing is absolute freedom.  He who has nothing has nothing to lose, neither assets nor importance, material or spiritual.  So he has nothing to fear.  And he who has nothing to fear is at peace with himself and at the same time all men and everything.  Being nothing is peace.   continue reading>


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